Potential collaboration between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and UNESCO-UNEVOC

A delegation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to discuss potential areas of collaboration in the field of technical and vocational education and training, for example through the UNEVOC Network and knowledge management and development.

Delegation from Qatar visits UNESCO-UNEVOC

UNESCO-UNEVOC had the pleasure to welcome Mr Rupert Mclean, former Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC and current QAPCO Professional Chair in Vocational Studies as well as UNEVOC Centre Coordinator for the College of the North-Atlantic Qatar (CAN-Q), and Mr Abdulla Ahmed Kamal Naji from the Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), to the UN Campus in Bonn Germany

Over 200 participants discuss Return on Investment in TVET

From 9 to 16 May, 2016, UNESCO-UNEVOC organized a virtual conference on return on investment in TVET. The virtual conference, moderated by the NCVER in Australia, informed the wider TVET community about ROI in TVET and was an opportunity for the community to share their ideas, expertise and experiences on the topic


Asian Development Bank delegates meet in Frankfurt

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) took place in Frankfurt, Germany, and convened stakeholders to discuss a range of key topics in relation to sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

Asia-Pacific Delegation visits UNESCO-UNEVOC

Thirteen ministry and national institute representatives from Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar and Vietnam visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to find out more about the International Centre's role, mandate and activities in thematic priority areas

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