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The UNESCO-UNEVOC Online Library functions as a resource center for TVET experts, giving access to a wide range of TVET publications and online resources most of which are freely accessible online or for download.

recently added:

I am employAble. Creating access to technical and vocational education for young people with disabilities
2017, English, 100 pages

Berufsbildungsbegriffe Deutsch-Englisch (VET terminology in German and English)
2017, Deutsch, 43 pages

Towards Quality Assurance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
2017, English, 246 pages

Guidelines for the Quality Assurance of TVET Qualifications in the Asia-Pacific Region
, English, 87 pages

Indicators of skills for employment and productivity: a conceptual framework and approach for low-income countries
2013, English, 33 pages

Polemag Issue #26
2017, Français, 11 pages

Polemag Issue #26
2017, English, 11 pages

TVET Policy Review: Cambodia
2013, English, 101 pages

TVET Policy Review: Saint Lucia
2017, English, 119 pages

Activities of NBTE Centre of Excellence 2016
2017, English, 18 pages

Technical education and vocational training in developing Nations
2017, English, 363 pages

Africa Journal of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
1st edition 2016, English

The boundaries and connections between the VET and higher education sectors: ‘confused, contested and collaborative’
2017, English, 32 pages

Journal of Technical Education and Training (JTET)
ongoing, English

Global Education Monitoring Report 2016
2016, English, 55 pages

Global Education Monitoring Report 2016
2016, English, 620 pages

Financement de la formation professionnelle en Afrique - Rôles et spécificités des fonds de financement de la formation professionnelle
2015, Français, 28 pages

Intégration des TIC dans les systèmes d’éducation et de formation en Afrique
2014, Français, 272 pages

The Integration of ICT Into Education and Training Systems in Africa. The Cases of Argentina, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Paraguay, Senegal, Tunisia and Uruguay
2014, English, 254 pages

The Financing of Vocational Training in Africa - Roles and Specificities of Vocational Training Funds
2015, English, 28 pages

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page date 2014-06-04

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