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3rd International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training

This Congress aism to create better general conditions for the development of international cooperation in the area of dual-track vocational education and training.

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Nkolbisson UNEVOC Centre

World Youth Skills Day at the Nkolbisson's UNEVOC Centre

The UNEVOC center of the Nkolbisson Technical High School mobilized from 1st to 31 August 2017 to celebrate World Youth Skills Day. The celebrations included a training on entrepreneurship and business creation. The training was supported through ICT and also aimed at sensitizing trainees on the importance of gender equity.

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Kenya celebrates skills

how, held on 27th and 28th January, 2017 was the first-ever skills and career event in Kenya. Attended by approximately 3,000 youth and parents, the Skills Show featured “hands-on” exhibits which exposed youth to the numerous career choices and training opportunities available in TVET sector. The show encouraged students on the importance of gaining necessary skills to increase their employability. It has been preceded by a conference that gathered 740 participants during two days.

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Beijing Union University

UNEVOC Centres meet at the China ASEAN Vocational Education Exhibition and Forum

China-ASEAN Vocational Education Exhibition and Forum was held in Nanning China on September 10-13, by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Guangxi Province. Education officials and experts attended the conference, including Vice President Bao Hong, Head of UNEVOC Centre at Beijing Union University, and Dr. Rupert Maclean, Coordinator of the UNEVOC Centre at Colelge of the North Atlantic Qatar. Vice President Bao Hong’s participation in the forum has to a great extent enlarged the influence of UNEVOC Centre at Beijing Union University among China-ASEAN countries.

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Improving TVET in Kenya through Life Skills

The Kenyan Government is integrating life skills into Technical Vocation Education Training (TVET) to ensure technical students are well equipped with skills needed in the labour market. Combination of technical and employability skills makes TVET graduates competitive. This can only be achieved by looking at the current skills mismatch in the work place and coming up with programs and solution to fill the gaps.

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