9 January 2017
Just published: UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin Issue no. 30
The bulletin has been redesigned and each edition focuses on a thematic area; issue no. 30 gives an overview of UNESCO-UNEVOC's recent activities with regards to Capacity Development, including a two-week leadership programme organized in Bonn. The bulletin is available as a PDF in English and Spanish and will be available in the other UN languages soon. (more)
22 December 2016
Virtual conference on sources of financing in TVET
The virtual conference on diversifying sources of funding for TVET took place from 16 to 22 January 2017 on the UNESCO-UNEVOC TVeT Forum, and was participated by 222 participants from 81 countries. (more)
21 December 2016
UNEVOC Workshop Dakar 2016
This joint workshop with PEFOP in Dakar had two main goals: Strengthening the UNEVOC Network in Francophone Africa (and particularly in the West African cluster) and discussing innovation in TVET. (more)
8 December 2016
Contributing to green growth in Vietnam
The importance of integrating green skills in TVET in Asia and the Pacific was acknowledged at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Education and Training hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last year. As one of the emerging economies in Asia, Vietnam is gaining knowledge and experience on how to integrate green skills in their TVET system. (more)
8 December 2016
Teaching entrepreneurship with new technologies
Promoting entrepreneurial skills is recognized as one way to help youth access the world of work in the Arab region, where the youth unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world. A capacity development programme implemented by the ENSET-Rabat in Morocco, supported by UNESCO-UNEVOC, convened regional actors to discuss promoting entrepreneurship through the use of technology. (more)
8 December 2016
Cross-border cooperation promises to drive TVET developments in Spain and France
Youth unemployment is a persistent problem in the Basque Country in Spain. Over 200 participants from the Basque and Navarra regions in Northern Spain, and Aquitaine region in Southern France, met to discuss cross-border cooperation to improve the quality of TVET in the region. (more)
28 November 2016
Supporting rural youth to acquire green skills and realise their ideas
Access to education and training that allows rural youth to have decent work opportunities is still limited in Paraguay. The Fundacion Paraguaya uses unique and innovative approaches to meet learning needs of rural youth. UNEVOC Centres from Latin America met on the San Francisco campus of the Fundación Paraguaya to discuss the use of ICT in the provision of TVET in rural contexts. (more)
18 November 2016
Education and training central in climate change agreements
The 22nd Conference of Parties (COP22) organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Marrakesh, Morocco, reaffirmed Member States’ commitment to the COP 21 Paris Agreement. UNESCO, UNESCO-UNEVOC and partners contributed to the discourse that meant to highlight concrete actions to implement the agreement. (more)
16 November 2016
UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme prompts 22 leaders to move to action
Twenty-two mid- to senior-level TVET experts from 20 countries convened for a two-week programme that aimed to empower change leaders to put into action a transformative vision of TVET. The UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme, organized by UNESCO-UNEVOC, is the first of its kind and was held on the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany, from 17 to 28 October 2016. (more)
31 October 2016
Spotlight on sustainable development at UN Day, Bonn 2016
The City of Bonn celebrated the coming into force of the UN Charter of 1945 in the market square of Bonn. This year’s festivities focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted last year by the United Nations in New York. As every year, UNESCO-UNEVOC joined other UN, international and national organizations based in Bonn to celebrate the occasion. (more)

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