5 February 2016
UNESCO-UNEVOC welcomes visitors
On 03 February 2016, Angelica Maria Kappel (Mayor of the City of Bonn), Alexander R. Petsch (Börding Messe GmbH) and Günther M. Szogs (Sectretary of the LEONARDO – European Corporate Learning Award) visited UNESCO-UNEVOC. (more)
3 February 2016
UNEVOC Centre representative visits UNESCO-UNEVOC
On 01 February 2016, Assistant Professor Christopher Zirkle visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to discuss and learn about UNESCO-UNEVOC’s activities in the field of technical and vocational education and training. (more)
25 January 2016
European Commission representatives visit UNESCO-UNEVOC
Norbert Schöbel (Team leader – Skills for the Young) and Maria Todorova (Policy officer) from the European Commission’ Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to discuss actions and priorities for 2016, with a view to considering future potential collaborations. (more)
8 January 2016
Just published: UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin 28
Read more about the recent activities and events of UNESCO-UNEVOC and its global network in the latest bulletin. The bulletin is available in English, French and Spanish. (more)
23 December 2015
First Global Forum on Green Economy Learning in Paris, France
From 16 to 18 December 2015, the 1st Global Forum on Green Economy Learning held in Paris, France, convened approximately 70 policy-makers, development partners, and representatives from education and training institutions, NGOs and business associations to identify opportunities for improving green economy learning. (more)
23 December 2015
International Conference on Urban Conservation
From 01 to 03 December, 2015, approximately 200 experts and stakeholders from universities, schools and regional and international organisations convened at the International Conference on Urban Conservation held in Kuwait City, Kuwait. (more)
23 December 2015
Student group visits UNESCO-UNEVOC
On 18 November, 2015, 12 students from Universität Osnabrück visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to learn about UNESCO-UNEVOC’s activities regarding the modernisation of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems worldwide, and how TVET teachers can benefit from UNESCO-UNEVOC’s services. (more)
23 December 2015
Visit by Angela Dekker and Rosalie Edelstein-Lopes
On 22nd December, 2015, Ms Angela Dekker, representative of the Dutch Ministry of Education with the special assignment to introduce English as language of instruction in education in Sint Eustatius, and Ms Rosalie Edelstein-Lopes, Director of the secondary school of Sint Eustatius, visited UNESCO-UNEVOC to find out more about UNESCO-UNEVOC’s activities. (more)
21 December 2015
UNEVOC Centres in Madagascar implement project enhancing ICT competencies for TVET teachers
Madagascar UNEVOC Centres implement a project on enhancing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competencies of TVET teachers. (more)
21 December 2015
Expert Meeting on the development of World Reference levels of learning outcomes
From 14 to 15 December, 2015, 20 experts met in Paris, France, for a meeting to discuss the development of World Reference levels of learning outcomes. (more)

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