13 June 2017
UNEVOC Centre in Malta, visits the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre
A delegation of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) visited the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre to discuss matters of mutual interest and deepening their engagement with the UNEVOC network. The MCAST delegation was led by Dr. Silvio De Bono, President of the Board of Governors, and the new UNEVOC Centre Coordinator at MCAST Mr. Louis Aquilina, Director of Partnerships MCAST. (ver más)
6 June 2017
TKNIKA commences its activities as a new UNEVOC Centre in the Basque Country (Spain)
One of the newest additions to the UNEVOC Network, the Institute for the Innovation of the Vocational and Educational Training System (TKNIKA) of Basque Country, Spain organized the inauguration of the UNEVOC Centre on the 29th May 2017. TKNIKA invited Mr. Shyamal Majumdar- Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC to the event, organized in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education of the Basque Republic. (ver más)
23 May 2017
TVET at the core of Sustainable Regional Development agenda in the Caribbean
The Third International Conference on TVET was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica,from 10-12 May 2017, to provide a forum for sharing innovative practices from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in the Caribbean Region. The discussions focused on the changes taking place in the TVET sector in the Caribbean that have led to a strengthening of TVET policy and regulatory framework in a number of countries. (ver más)
18 May 2017
Conferencia virtual sobre la EFTP sostenible en el contexto latinoamericano
En la próxima edición de las conferencias virtuales UNESCO-UNEVOC, queremos debatir con ustedes educación y formación técnica y profesional (EFTP) sostenible en el contexto latinoamericano. La conferencia tiene lugar del 05 a 11 de junio de 2017 en el TVeT Forum. (ver más)
17 May 2017
Greening of TVET emerges as an important agenda of UNESCO project in SADC
The expansion and improvement of equitable and gender-balanced TEVET in Malawi is a critical step to achieving SDG2030 and is at the heart of UNESCO’s support to the Government of Malawi. An ongoing project funded by the EU called Skills and Technical Education Programme (STEP) serves this purpose and seeks to develop the current state of quality of TVET teachers and the introduction of Greening TVET programs in the country to achieve this aim. (ver más)
17 May 2017
UNEVOC Centre combats discrimination through skills development
The Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA), Costa Rica – a member of the UNEVOC Network, emerges as an example of productive engagement in combating sexual orientation discrimination. As the global community observes the IDAHOT to draw the attention of all social stakeholders to this issue, it also calls for more action oriented pursuit of assuring inclusion and dignity. (ver más)
27 April 2017
UNEVOC Network welcomes 4 new Members
The UNEVOC Network continues to expand as four TVET institutions from the Africa, Arab States and the European Union join the network. These include Abu Dhabi Centre for TVET (ACTVET), Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance for TVET from Jordan, Fonds de Financement de la Formation Professionelle (3FTP)from Senegal, and the Basque Centre of Research and Applied Innovation in VET (TKINKA) from Spain. (ver más)
7 April 2017
Concurso de fotografías “Competencias en acción” 2017 - Convocatoria
Como parte de sus actividades para el próximo Día Mundial de las Competencias Juveniles (DMCJ) 2017 que se celebrará el 15 de julio, UNESCO-UNEVOC invita a participar en el Concurso de fotografías Competencias en acción. Todo fotógrafo aficionado o profesional puede usar sus facultades y enviar al concurso imágenes que capten momentos o ejemplos inspiradores sobre “Jóvenes y competencias”. (ver más)
4 April 2017
UNESCO-UNEVOC highlights the need to bridge skill gaps at the PAGE Ministerial Conference
On the 27th & 28th March, the PAGE Ministerial Conference was hosted in Berlin, with Ministers and other government officials participating from over 30 countries. This year's theme was “Inclusive and Sustainable Economies: Powering the SDGs”. UNESCO-UNEVOC highlighted the role of education and training to supply requisite skills in shaping green economy at this conference. (ver más)
24 March 2017
ICTs and blended learning in transforming TVET
The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), UNESCO Section of Youth, Literacy and Skills Development, and the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre have launched a joint publication called Using ICTs and Blended Learning in Transforming TVET. It highlights the work of leading experts and case studies from around the world, and the need of a concerted action regarding changes in policy. (ver más)

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