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Institute Of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE)



Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) is a new autonomous post-secondary educational institution replacing the Department of Technical Education. It offers full-time and Dual System Apprenticeship programmes through its seven institutions and... <show more>


“To produce highly skilled and employable graduates that meet stakeholders’ expectation through holistic learning environment”


“A Leading National Institution in Post-Secondary Technical Education and Training by 2018”


1. To fulfill the needs and challenges of Vocational and Technical Education and Training in pursuit of Brunei Vision 2035.

2. To be aligned with the Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Education.

3. To prepare students with the relevant Vocational... <show more>

Regular Tasks

1. To provide skills industry driven authentic and holistic training to students.

2. To provide up skilling training to trainers

3. To collaborate with industries to align training for the preparation of the youth for employment



Wei Keh CHIN


Kian Boon LIM
Function: Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Development)
E-Mail: *****
Tel: *****
Fax: *****
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Institute Of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE)
Kian Boon LIM
Simpang 347
Jalan Pasar Baharu
Gadong BE1310
Brunei Darussalam
Brunei Darussalam

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