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SRTTU Tehran conducts training programmes

The SRTTU Tehran, a member of the UNEVOC Network since 2006, conducted two technical teacher training programmes that aimed at building the capacities of teachers who are already engaged in these vocational and technical fields, and equip them with the skills necessary to promote and enhance their teaching techniques.

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Qatar Seminar Series discusses green skills development

The College of the North Atlantic, a UNEVOC Centre in Qatar, hosted a seminar on green skills development as part of the Qatar Seminar Series.

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Symposium on Recognizing Green Skills in Non-formal Learning Settings

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) in Hamburg, Germany, will host an international symposium jointly organized by the Institute and the Education University of Hong Kong (EduHK), a UNEVOC Centre, on recognizing green skills in non-formal learning settings.

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Delegation from Qatar visits UNESCO-UNEVOC

UNESCO-UNEVOC had the pleasure to welcome Mr Rupert Mclean, former Director of UNESCO-UNEVOC and current QAPCO Professional Chair in Vocational Studies as well as UNEVOC Centre Coordinator for the College of the North-Atlantic Qatar (CNA-Q), and Mr Abdulla Ahmed Kamal Naji from the Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), to the UN Campus in Bonn Germany

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HEART Trust/NTA holds inaugural Greening in TVET seminar

The HEART Trust/NTA in Jamaica (cluster coordinator for the Caribbean cluster) held an inaugural Greening in TVET seminar on April 19, 2016. The seminar discussed green skills and their alignment with technical and vocational education and training (TVET) for sustainable development.

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