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26th National VET Research Conference 'No Frills'

‘No Frills’ is a well-known annual national conference where researchers and practitioners in the VET sector come together to present, discuss and share information about key issues confronting the sector.

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Teaching entrepreneurship with new technologies

Promoting entrepreneurial skills is recognized as one way to help youth access the world of work in the Arab region, where the youth unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world. A capacity development programme implemented by the ENSET-Rabat in Morocco, supported by UNESCO-UNEVOC, convened regional actors to discuss promoting entrepreneurship through the use of technology.

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TVET as a mean for achieving sustainable development: andean and local approach

SETEC (a UNEVOC Centre), the Coordinating Ministry of Knowledge and Human Resources of Ecuador, UNESCO's Office in Quito, Ecuador's UNESCO National Comission and UNESCO-UNEVOC hosted an event from 1-2 December in Quito to discuss TVET developments in the Andean region.

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UNEVOC Centre organizes open house

The School of Arts, Design and Printing (SADP), part of the Yaba College of Technology, held its annual open house to showcase the exceptional talent and technical abilities of its students. Guests from academic circles, industry and from the local community attended the event.

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Southern, East and Southeast Asian stakeholders discuss common challenges in TVET and activities of the UNEVOC Network

10 Asian TVET institutions met in Daejeon and Seoul for a four-day workshop to discuss recent international and regional developments and key issues related to sustainable development and youth employability in TVET.

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