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The UNESCO-UNEVOC Online Library functions as a resource center for TVET experts, giving access to a wide range of TVET publications and online resources most of which are freely accessible online or for download.

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Print versions of some publications can be accessed in our UNEVOC Library in Bonn (for visiting us please write an e-mail to with your preferred date of visit). The online versions can be accessed free of charge by downloading the PDF-files.

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Guide du Praticien de la Formation Professionelle
2016, Français, 201 pages

Guide for Practitioners of Vocational Training
2016, English, 201 pages

Des guitares, des briques et des mains
2011, Français, 176 pages

Guitars, bricks and sailors
2011, English, 176 pages

Planifier le développement des compétences techniques et professionnelles
2011, Français, 138 pages

Financing Vocational Training in Sub-Saharan Africa
2002, English, 209 pages

Skills development in the informal sector of sub-Saharan Africa
2008, English, 23 pages

Training the 21st-century worker
2015, English, 63 pages

Key Aspects of the Economics of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
2009, English, 32 pages

Enhancing Relevance in TVET
2016, English, 91 pages

Combating discrimination in education
2016, English, 16 pages

La formation professionnelle au service de l`amélioration des compétences en France
2015, Français, 40 pages

Vocational training and adult learning for better skills in France
2015, English, 40 pages

Recommendation concerning technical and vocational education and training (TVET)
2015, English

Bridging the skills gaps in developing countries: A practical guide for private-sector companies
2016, English, 136 pages

India: Preparation for the World of Work: Education System and School to Work Transition
2016, English, 355 pages

Employer voices, employer demands, and implications for public skills development policy connecting the labor and education sectors
2016, English, 33 pages

Employment Promotion in Contexts of Conflict, Fragility and Violence
2015, English, 72 pages

The ‘Erfahrraum’: A pedagogical model for designing educational technologies in dual vocational systems
2015, English, 28 pages

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page date 2012-10-04

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