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todayCALL FOR PAPERSJIP VTE [j...2015-11-27
yesterdayNeed support for Georgia regarding documents about Income generation in VET systemNikoloz Me...2015-11-26
2 days TVET teachers in Brazil2Jessica Qu...2015-11-24
4 daysEconomic Empowerment of youth, women & slum people through their Skill DevelopmentRenu bajpa...2015-11-23
1 week Call for support2NOAH NOAH ...2015-11-19
1 weekAward win for Sector Skills BodyJonathan L...2015-11-18
1 week ALADIN Online Alert #72Lisa Krola...2015-11-18
yesterday Food hygiene and community health training in pictures3Alison Lei...2015-11-17
1 weekTVET Regional Conference Lao Dec 2015Owen Micha...2015-11-17
1 weekEmployer engagement in education: A bibliographyRachael Mc...2015-11-16
1 week Workshop on setting standards for accrediting TVET programs2ricardo me...2015-11-16
1 week Partner to Open Study Center in Bangladesh2Mohammad S...2015-11-16
1 week[COP21] Summary of Week 2Nick Sofro...2015-11-15
2 weeksTVET ProfessionalsShauna Tho...2015-11-12
2 weeks Relevant TVET authorities in Switzerland & Singapore4Syeda Adee...2015-11-11
2 weeksImpact Assessment IndicatorsGhulam Raz...2015-11-11
2 weeksBenefits of Plain Language & Graphical InformationDamian Boy...2015-11-11
2 weeks TVET Kurdistan2Jwanro Mus...2015-11-10
1 week [COP21] Summary of Week 18Nick Sofro...2015-11-09
4 days Associations of Private Training Providers12Maria Over...2015-11-09
2 weeks [COP21] 3. TVET, vulnerable groups and Member States9Nick Sofro...2015-11-08
1 week Food Handlers Training period5shahrul am...2015-11-08
2 weeks UNESCO-UNEVOC is looking for promising practises in TVET2UNESCO-UNE...2015-11-06
4 days TVET for Students after first 3 years of secondary education.3Bramdeo Lo...2015-11-06
2 weeks TVET Pakistan2Diane Cros...2015-11-05
today Teaching Hours Standards for Vocational Training7Muhammad Z...2015-11-05
2 weeks Affiliation/Accreditation Bodies for Vocational/Technical Trainings7Muhammad Z...2015-11-05
2 weeks [COP21] 2. Greening of TVET institutions12Nick Sofro...2015-11-05
2 weeks Workshop Layout Standards8Muhammad Z...2015-11-05
3 weeks Conceptual frameworks and research on TVET teacher development6Anthony Mi...2015-11-05
3 weeks Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Training Scheme2Tony Kula ...2015-11-04
3 weeksTeachers in Ethiopiaberhanu ta...2015-11-04
2 days Employability of Participants of Vocational training Programme4BABA KACHA...2015-11-03
1 week [COP21] 1. Role of TVET in a changing climate19Nick Sofro...2015-11-03
3 weeks [COP21] Welcome to the UNEVOC virtual conference on Greening TVET in the context of climate change policy developments15Nick Sofro...2015-11-02
3 weeks Franchising Opportunity2Mohammad S...2015-10-30
3 weeks Online discussion on Inclusive TVET in the Context of Lifelong Learning2Holmes, Ke...2015-10-27
2 weeks [COP21] Virtual Conference on Greening TVET in the context of global climate change policy developments4UNESCO-UNE...2015-10-27
3 weeks Vocational Education Politic6Yasdin Yas...2015-10-27
3 weeks Online Resources for TVET teachers and trainers5Max Ehlers...2015-10-23
3 weeks Professional Training7Mohammad S...2015-10-23
1 monthVPET Congress: Newsletter and TwitterSerena Gut...2015-10-22
1 monthEnglish for biomedical engineeringToufik El ...2015-10-21
1 monthCall for TVET experts (in Spanish) Consultoría para el desarrollo de un cuestionario sobre EFTPKaterina A...2015-10-21
1 month Improving the quality of e-Forum discussions6UNESCO-UNE...2015-10-20
1 month Partnership in Renewable Energy Training5Julius Cha...2015-10-20
1 monthCourse: Wind Energy 01-6 February 2016 – Kassel (Germany)GERMAN ACA...2015-10-16
1 monthCourse: Biogas Plants 15-19 February 2016, Kassel, GermanyGERMAN ACA...2015-10-16
1 monthCourse: Solar Power 8-13 February 2016, Kassel, GermanyGERMAN ACA...2015-10-16
1 monthInternational Winter School on: Wind Energy, Solar Power & Biogas PlantsGERMAN ACA...2015-10-16
1 monthEmerging conceptions of ICT-enhanced teaching: Australian TAFE contextshahadat k...2015-10-16
1 monthCall for Chapters: Technical Education and Vocational Training in Developing NationsUgochukwu ...2015-10-15
1 monthPrecarious Work and Vulnerable Workers - Call for PapersADAPT Inte...2015-10-13
1 month Facilitating Sustainable Work: Theory and Practice - Call for Paper2ADAPT Inte...2015-10-13
1 monthDemographic Variables In School EnvironmentEmmanuel O...2015-10-13
1 monthYouth Entrepreneurial SkillsDavid M Ph...2015-10-13
1 month Approaches to TVET9Azubah Ada...2015-10-12
1 monthCedefop conference on the impact of globalisation on VETKOSTAKIS, ...2015-10-11
1 month Education and Training in TVET 3Moustafa W...2015-10-06
1 month Engaging Industry in TVET 16Taimoor Ta...2015-10-06
1 monthThe Canadian Vocational Association September 2015 Newsletter is out!/Le bulletin du CVA est maintenant en lignecvaacfp [c...2015-10-05
1 month Occupational accidents and work-related diseases5Chris Chin...2015-10-05
1 month [TVET strategy] Conference Concluding Remarks from the Moderator5mike campb...2015-10-04
1 month [TVET strategy] Your Last Chance to Vote: Vote now!2mike campb...2015-10-03
1 month[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - October 2015Sabine Man...2015-10-02
1 month (Limitations of) DACUM17Tibebu Teg...2015-10-02
1 month Vocational Training to differently-abled learners7Shaji B [s...2015-10-01
1 monthVocational Training PPPs: How-to GuidesKatharina ...2015-10-01
1 week Call for Proposals VPET Congress2Serena Gut...2015-10-01
1 month [TVET strategy] We want your views: 1 minute opinion POLL(s) on TVET coming your way!9mike campb...2015-09-30
1 monthALADIN Online Alert #6Krolak, Li...2015-09-29
1 monthUNESCO-IHE Education and Training Guide 2016Ewoud Kok ...2015-09-29
1 monthVacancy: Consultancy to assist in the development of TVET handbook - School-to-work transitionWouter de ...2015-09-29
1 monthVacancy: Consultancy to assist in the development of TVET handbooks - Image campaignWouter de ...2015-09-29
2 months Report of the International Conference on TVET organised by PSSCIVE, Bhopal, India2Asfa M. Ya...2015-09-27
2 monthsResearch work on Mahatma Gandhi's Buniyadi ShikshaSAUNAND S ...2015-09-23
1 month [TVET strategy] Topic 4: The Role of UNESCO.... and is there anything else you want to raise?33mike campb...2015-09-23
1 month [TVET strategy] Topic 3: The Main Elements of the Strategy: What should they be?47mike campb...2015-09-23
1 month [TVET strategy] Topic 2: Issues and Trends33mike campb...2015-09-23
1 month [TVET strategy] Topic 1: Guiding Principles26mike campb...2015-09-23
1 month Sustainable development, ethics and values7Chris Chin...2015-09-22
2 monthsPromoting Professional Development standardsberhanu ta...2015-09-22
1 month [TVET strategy] Opening Message: Welcome to the UNESCO TVET Strategy Conference10mike campb...2015-09-22
1 month Micro credentials (Badging) the logical first step?5Owen Micha...2015-09-21
1 month Integrating STEM Into TVET Occupational Standards4Dee Jay Pe...2015-09-21
2 months Economic Empowerment of Housewives in India3Renu bajpa...2015-09-21
2 monthsFormation DACUM par l'ACFP en français, 16-20 novembre, Montréal QCcvaacfp [c...2015-09-20
2 monthsThree DACUM I - public workshops in Canada in November 2015, in English and in Frenchcvaacfp [c...2015-09-20
2 monthsInstructional Materials for Teaching SkillsIGBERADJA ...2015-09-20
1 month TVET and diversification of developing economies14IGBERADJA ...2015-09-20
2 monthsTranslating existing Diploma in Engineering courses to CBT&A formatMd. Shah A...2015-09-20
2 months VOCEDplus poll: Do VET/TVET qualifications address skill shortages?2Radhika Na...2015-09-18
2 months [TVET strategy] Virtual Conference on UNESCO's future TVET strategy7UNESCO-UNE...2015-09-17
2 months AU Model TVET Programs for Africa2Cornelius ...2015-09-17
2 monthsGlobal Collaboration DayChris Chin...2015-09-16
1 month Focus on Dropout in TVET19Chris Chin...2015-09-16
2 months Working on own initiative content5Ramon Mang...2015-09-14
2 months Schools offering PhD in Technical Vocational Education13Achukwu Ch...2015-09-13
2 monthsInternational TVET Intelligence Network (ITVETIG)Chris Chin...2015-09-13
2 monthsThe CVA-ACFP August 2015 Newsletter is out! / Infolettre de l'ACFP d'aout 2015cvaacfp [c...2015-09-09
2 months EU MOOC for teachers on developing digital skills in education2Kimbimbi [...2015-09-09
2 months Do apprenticeships work2Jonathan L...2015-09-08
2 months White paper on TVET in Papua New Guinea - Resource Centre5Violet Ger...2015-09-08
2 monthsEntrepreneurship to strengthen TVET - Smart India model from KeralaAnil Prasa...2015-09-07
2 months Open Educational Resources Award2Prof. Dr. ...2015-09-07
2 months Enhancing Vocational Teaching through Research3Joseph Heg...2015-09-05
2 months e-learning resources 6Dr(Mrs) V....2015-09-05
1 week Improving the image of TVET - Professionalism of teachers5Joseph Heg...2015-09-04
2 months Please participate in a survey on Open Educational Resources in TVET11Max Ehlers...2015-09-02
2 monthsICT for Digital Equity UNESCO Office in BangkokICT in Edu...2015-08-31
2 months Standard assessment tool for evaluating trade subjects5Emmanuel O...2015-08-27
2 months Efficient ways of improving the image of TVET13Dr. Md. Sa...2015-08-27
2 months What parents want for their kids may not be what is best for them2Joseph Heg...2015-08-27
2 months Employable Skills of TVET Graduates14Dr. Md. Sa...2015-08-26
2 months Competition. TVET for the 21st Century in Africa2Nicholas O...2015-08-20
2 months Call for TVET book chapter8Ugochukwu ...2015-08-12
2 months Erasmus+-partners in Scandinavia3Hartmut Sc...2015-07-23
2 weeks Call for nominations - Appel à candidature - UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize2UNESCO-UNE...2015-06-26
2 months Training technical teachers29Richard Zi...2015-06-18

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