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yesterdaySkills Gap and Measurement of Skills Gap in TVET (moderation pending)Dr. Md. Sa...2015-08-01
2 daysUNESCO and UNEVOC Network participation in WorldSkills Brazil 2015UNESCO-UNE...2015-07-31
2 daysICT in Education Newsletter July 2015 - UNESCO BangkokICT Newsle...2015-07-31
5 dayse-learning course on sustainable consumption and production in AsiaYulia Rubl...2015-07-28
4 days PhD Studies in TVET9Chris Serw...2015-07-27
3 days REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST for individual consultancy services2Elona Daci...2015-07-27
1 weekAsia-Pacific Conference on Education and Training (3-5 August 2015), Kuala Lumpur ACET Secre...2015-07-24
6 days Erasmus+-partners in Scandinavia2Hartmut Sc...2015-07-23
1 weekALADIN Onliner Alert #5Krolak, Li...2015-07-23
5 days National TVET forum Bhutan: Sharing international best practices3Tandin Dor...2015-07-23
1 week Socio-economic and gender indicators on informal skills training2Rehema Bin...2015-07-22
5 days The role of TVET in population and housing policy implementation6chiomaopar...2015-07-22
1 weekParental involvement and student achievementJoanne Sar...2015-07-22
4 days TVET Research Methods7Martin Bor...2015-07-21
1 week Retail as a Vocational Subject in Secondary Schools3Ramon Mang...2015-07-21
1 week Value based education and ethics in TVET?3Kedibone B...2015-07-20
4 days Entrepreneurship Development as Approach to General Education, TVET & Higher Education HE7Moustafa W...2015-07-20
1 week Policy Issues and Implementing Challenges2Nathaniel ...2015-07-18
2 weeksFirst World Youth Skills Day celebrations today on 15 July 2015 unevoc@une...2015-07-15
1 week Monitoring and Evaluation in the Apprenticeship system 3Garfield J...2015-07-14
2 weeksWarning for Fake UNEVOC Job PostingsUNESCO-UNE...2015-07-14
2 weeksSummer Training or workshopBai Ndure ...2015-07-14
2 weeksContinuing Profesional Development in TVETYadi Mulya...2015-07-13
3 weeksStandards for different tradesKaruppanna...2015-07-11
3 weeksTVET Fair Exhibition and Robotic ContestsJonah Rono...2015-07-10
1 week Research in TVET2Peter Arjo...2015-07-10
3 weeksResource management in educationNwali Evar...2015-07-09
3 weeksTVET for ALL, a Significant Pillar for the SDG (Post MDG Agenda)Siekula T....2015-07-09
1 week Tool for gauging aptitude of students for vocations7Dr.Vinay S...2015-07-09
1 week The role of industries in developing TVET5Patrick Ez...2015-07-07
2 weeks Agricultural Policy in Nigeria4Nwali Evar...2015-07-07
3 weeks Key writer on TEVT literature worldwide 5Himal Kark...2015-07-07
3 weeksConsultancy opportunity - TVET / SyriaClaire Rey...2015-07-06
1 week Delegation visit to Germany on higher ed + VET = dual study program2Jutta Moha...2015-07-05
3 weeks UNESCO Recommendations concerning Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) and Training and Adult Education and Learning (ALE)3UNESCO-UNE...2015-07-03
3 days Video for Teaching Building Technology Courses11Igberadja ...2015-07-03
1 monthBelize-CONALEP-MexicoAlfredo Xa...2015-07-02
1 monthVideo Recordings of Trainees for Feedback & Performance Improvement Goals DevelopmentDamian Boy...2015-07-02
1 monthGrant for TVET Project in AfricaPeter [div...2015-06-30
1 month [Apprenticeships] Farewell and closure of the virtual conference2Alessandra...2015-06-26
1 monthCall for nominations - Appel à candidature - UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa PrizeUNESCO-UNE...2015-06-26
1 monthMasters Degree Bartendingrichard po...2015-06-26
1 month[Apprenticeships] Thank you for your participation and please help us improveUNESCO-UNE...2015-06-26
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 12: Further research areas: your proposals8Alessandra...2015-06-25
1 month [Apprenticeships] Last conference day - last chance to contribute!2Alessandra...2015-06-25
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 11: Architecture and success-factors of apprenticeship: BRAINSTORMING!9Alessandra...2015-06-24
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 10: In-company training and trainers7Alessandra...2015-06-24
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 9: Social image and attractiveness of apprenticeship8Alessandra...2015-06-23
1 monthTVET in NigeriaMas\'udu A...2015-06-22
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 8: Documenting work experience and recognition of prior learning4Alessandra...2015-06-22
2 weeks [Apprenticeships] Re: Topic 7 - Non completion of apprenticeship training, drop-out and attrition7Alessandra...2015-06-22
1 monthInternational Journal of Vocational Education and Training ResearchMohamad Hi...2015-06-21
1 month [Apprenticeships] Summary of week 13Alessandra...2015-06-19
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 6: Curriculum development for apprenticeship9Alessandra...2015-06-19
1 month NLP Applications in vocational Pedagogics8Muddassir ...2015-06-19
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 5: Involving the Industry13Alessandra...2015-06-18
1 month Training technical teachers28Richard Zi...2015-06-18
1 monthPerformance StandardDawood Mon...2015-06-18
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 4: Anticipation and identification of skills needs for apprenticeships10Alessandra...2015-06-17
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 3: Financing of apprenticeship8Alessandra...2015-06-17
1 month[Apprenticeships] INDICATIVE AGENDA for our next discussionsAlessandra...2015-06-16
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 2 Innovations and alternative forms of apprenticeship15Alessandra...2015-06-16
1 month [Apprenticeships] Topic 1: Definition and how to put 'quality' in apprenticeship34Alessandra...2015-06-16
1 monthCall for Papers to 2nd KATTI International ConferenceAgnes Marr...2015-06-16
3 weeks Urgent Call For Photo contest submissions! We need to put a new face on for TVET!2Sandra [fi...2015-06-15
1 month Healthcare sector issues related to curriculum development.2Dr Deepa S...2015-06-15
1 month Logical Framework for developing vocational courses curriculum5khaled abu...2015-06-15
2 weeks Consultancy Opportunity: Designing a Project for Skilling Migrants2Haider Naz...2015-06-12
1 month [Apprenticeships] Welcome, introduction and fields of interest 64Alessandra...2015-06-12
1 monthCVA-ACFP Newsletter May 2015 is out - L'Infolettre de l'ACFP est maintenant en lignecvaacfp [c...2015-06-12
1 monthStrategic Importance of Competency Development Frameworks CDFs in Training IndustryMustafa Wa...2015-06-12
1 monthTVETipedia thoughts around key TVET termsUta Roth [...2015-06-09
1 monthICT TVET study for Asia PacificPetri Loun...2015-06-09
1 monthDeveloping entrepreneurship and vocational training for women in EthiopiaMenghestab...2015-06-08
1 month Application is open for M.Sc. International Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ITVET)2Stefanie P...2015-06-05
1 month Performance Assessment in TVET28DENNY [den...2015-06-04
1 month Training of Chinese language2Julius Cha...2015-06-04
2 monthseLearning Instructional Design opportunity at UNHCRVafolay Tu...2015-06-02
1 month Upcoming: UNESCO-UNEVOC online conference on Apprenticeships from 15 to 26 June 20152UNESCO-UNE...2015-06-02
1 month New Free Online Courses in Linguistics2Juergen Ha...2015-06-02
1 month RPL Assessment of refugees3Joe Lokes ...2015-06-02
2 monthsAdaptive learning environments - INTUITEL Final PresentationProf. Dr. ...2015-06-02
2 monthsALADIN Onliner Alert #4Krolak, Li...2015-06-02
2 months[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - June 2015Sabine Man...2015-06-01
1 month [Apprenticeships] UNEVOC virtual conference on Delivering TVET through Quality Apprenticeships4Max Ehlers...2015-06-01
2 monthsCurriculum automotive, construction, manufacturing, ICT, Electro Technologyricardo me...2015-05-30
2 months Competency Based Training implementation8Tandin Dor...2015-05-28
2 months ICT in TVET Newsletter UNESCO Office in Bangkok2ICT in Edu...2015-05-28
2 months Movilidad Estudiantil - Skills competitions2Alfredo Xa...2015-05-27
2 monthsSubject: eLearning Africa: African Union Warns of Threat to Skills RevolutionAndrea Ric...2015-05-21
2 months Skills development proposal template3Rajeev jai...2015-05-20
2 months Materials or ideas for Performance Assessment Training3Francisco ...2015-05-18
2 monthsICT Publication - African ContextCornelius ...2015-05-14
2 monthsGame on: Africa’s education techies compete in hackathon for social goodAndrea Ric...2015-05-13
2 months TVET and STEM education5Bernardo L...2015-05-13
2 monthsStudy in Voc/Tech neededMatheus Tu...2015-05-13
2 monthsTwo DACUM I - public workshops in Canada in May 2015cvaacfp [c...2015-05-12
2 monthsCVA-ACFP Newsletter April 2015 is out - L'Infolettre de l'ACFP est maintenant en lignecvaacfp [c...2015-05-12
2 monthsConsultancy assignment with UNESCO Office in AfghanistanGaskin, Le...2015-05-10
2 monthsVocational School BrandingJames D. R...2015-05-07
2 months Instructional Methods in VET7Ramon Mang...2015-05-06
2 months The role of TVET in successful transition to green economy2Kedisalets...2015-05-06
2 months Role of TVET in Post-civil war reconstruction 10hussein al...2015-05-05
3 months Professionalism in Teaching12Tarun Rash...2015-04-30
2 months Skills Training for Responding to Disaster/Emergency6Rajat Khaw...2015-04-26
1 month Call for nominations: Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 20154Tan, Lay C...2015-04-23
1 week Second VPET Congress: 20 - 22 June 20163Serena Gut...2015-02-12
2 months Which aspect of quality in TVET is most important to you?29Radhika Na...2014-11-18

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