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3 daysRequest for assistance for equipment lists for CBT@AAzhar Iqba...2014-12-19
4 daysLifelong Training Center ExperienceTawfiq Alg...2014-12-18
4 daysGeneral framework of Automotive technology programting he [t...2014-12-18
6 daysarabterm (moderation pending)Bouamar La...2014-12-16
6 daysCall for expression of interest - blended learning course on TVET policy review in Latin AmericaKaterina A...2014-12-16
1 weekTVET Conference in the Caribbean (Jamaica) May 2015 - Call for PapersMarcia Row...2014-12-12
yesterday Education Qualification Framework and credit transfer approach between countries21Rajat Khaw...2014-12-12
1 weekNew country reports in World TVET databaseUNESCO-UNE...2014-12-12
1 week Significance of TVET during periods of instability and crisis - Example of Pakistan2Abbas Ali ...2014-12-10
1 week Post 2015- TVET and Global Security/Terrorism6Yalams Sim...2014-12-06
2 weeksBusiness and Finance related training and Assessment guidelinesBiru Asmar...2014-12-04
1 week Measuring skills for work - indicators for a post-2015 TVET target12Max Ehlers...2014-12-04
2 weeksForthcoming Young Leaders Forums for 2015 ICD Berlin...2014-12-04
2 weeks National nomenclature and qualifications framework5Josefa Guz...2014-12-03
2 weeksTraining Modules trail foot bridgeDurga Baha...2014-12-03
3 weeksLatest news on European research in learning and work - December 2014Sabine Man...2014-12-01
2 weeks Skills for Holistic Human Development8Barbara Tr...2014-12-01
2 weeks Currency of TVET qualifications4Batisitswe...2014-12-01
3 weeksGetenergy VTEC MENA 2014Moustafa W...2014-12-01
1 week ICT in education in Africa4NOAH NOAH ...2014-12-01
2 weeks Developing resource bank for competency based assessment2Bomchu Wan...2014-12-01
2 weeks Class Management Tools 9James D. R...2014-12-01
3 weeks International Winter School: “Wind Energy, Solar Power & Biogas Plants”GERMAN ACA...2014-12-01
2 weeks Competences and skills required for disaster risk reduction6Laurence N...2014-11-29
2 weeks New diploma Industrial And Manufacturing4Muddassir ...2014-11-28
3 weeksInternational TVET events calendarMax Ehlers...2014-11-28
2 weeks Defining a TVET Programme4Verlia Bog...2014-11-26
3 weeksNew Guidelines for Industrial and Facilities MaintenanceKerreen Wi...2014-11-26
2 weeks TVET Still Photography Programme8Andrew P. ...2014-11-21
1 monthUNESCO - AIRBUS Fly Your Ideas PartnershipUNESCO-UNE...2014-11-20
1 monthNational TVET and WFD systems of Belize and NetherlandsLecia Smit...2014-11-18
1 monthOnline Consultation on Post-2015 Education Indicators UNESCO-UNE...2014-11-18
4 weeks Which aspect of quality in TVET is most important to you?20Radhika Na...2014-11-18
1 monthEDUCATION WORLD FORUM 2015 (en) (fr) (sp)attouyves@...2014-11-17
1 month Neuro-Ludus: free brain training game2Chris Chin...2014-11-17
1 monthVacancy Announcement: Project Manager TVET project - UNESCO Iraq Office Kamal Arma...2014-11-10
1 monthIndividual consultant in Education in Vietnam HanoiEva-Maria ...2014-11-08
1 monthHow to create a Fit to Purpose TVET System and What are the steps to achieve TVET System Excellency?Moustafa W...2014-11-07
1 monthYCT UNEVOC Center celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014John Okewo...2014-11-07
1 month Training Needs: Assessment, Identification, Analysis4oguntade a...2014-11-05
1 week Training of court clerks2Yonton B. ...2014-11-04
1 monthVacancy Announcement: TVET Programme AssistantBarbara Tr...2014-11-04
1 monthThe CVA-ACFP October 2014 Newsletter is out! / CVA-ACFP Infolettre octobre 2014 est en lignecvaacfp [c...2014-11-01
1 month Assessment in VET10SULAEMAN D...2014-11-01
1 month ODL in TVET3johnwphiri...2014-10-30
1 month Multilingual online technical dictionary Arabterm3Bouamar La...2014-10-30
1 month Join the Network of Staff and Teachers in Childcare Services in the EU2AMEI-WAECE...2014-10-30
1 monthAppel à contribution - Enseignant dans le domaine de la formation technique et professionnelle et de formateur en milieu de travail. Date butoir 21 novembre 2014cvaacfp [c...2014-10-29
1 monthCall for papers and documentary references - TVET teacher and workplace trainercvaacfp [c...2014-10-29
1 monthInternational Conference Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Mitigation (SETPOM)Dr(Mrs) V....2014-10-25
2 monthsResearch on Water HyacinthDr(Mrs) V....2014-10-22
1 month Units of Competence - Definition and Calculation4Daryl Stee...2014-10-21
1 month TVET as a veritable tool for poverty alleviation among Muslims in northern Nigeria4Husaini H....2014-10-15
2 months17th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, 29-31 October 2014, Bangkok, ThailandAPEID Conf...2014-10-15
2 months[Creative Industries] Thank you and short survey UNESCO-UNE...2014-10-13
2 monthsNorth American Cluster NewsletterLeah Jurko...2014-10-13
2 months[Creative Industries] End of Forum - Summary of week 2Paul Colla...2014-10-12
2 monthsThe CVA-ACFP September 2014 Newsletter is out! / CVA-ACFP Infolettre de septembre 2014 est en lignecvaacfp [c...2014-10-10
2 months Social and gender equity in and through TVET4Jennifer M...2014-10-08
2 months [Creative Industries] Week 211Paul Colla...2014-10-06
2 months [Creative Industries] North/South partnerships4Paul Colla...2014-10-03
2 months [Creative Industries] Employer/Education Communication6Paul Colla...2014-10-03
2 monthsTechnical Solution to reduce paper usage in a TVET training institutionTanesha Ch...2014-10-02
2 months Technical Training Centers5Galo Viter...2014-10-02
2 monthsContractual Work Opportunity with the Canadian Vocational Association, by Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 16h30 (ET)cvaacfp [c...2014-10-02
2 months[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - October 2014Sabine Man...2014-10-02
2 monthsAmbassador for UNESCOahmed loqm...2014-10-02
2 monthsInvitation to join online discussion on ESD and TVET on UNESTEAMS platformUNESCO-UNE...2014-10-01
2 months [Creative Industries] Copyright and development of cultural industries in Africa2Awoumou Ma...2014-10-01
2 monthsDeadline extended: Call for Papers - Transversal Skills in TVET: Focus on Pedagogies and Assessment in the Asia-Pacific RegionBarbara Tr...2014-10-01
2 months [Creative Industries] Accrediting and measuring progression in the skill development in the creative industries?12Paul Colla...2014-09-30
2 months [Creative Industries] What is the place of indigenous culture in creative industries?2Paul Colla...2014-09-30
2 months Toolkit Learning and working in the informal economy now online2Schmidt, J...2014-09-30
2 monthsDACUM I - public workshops in Canada cvaacfp [c...2014-09-29
2 monthsCVA/ACFP Newsletter, August Focus: Apprenticeship and Internship/ Le bulletin du CVA/ACFP est en lignecvaacfp [c...2014-09-29
2 months [Creative Industries] Welcome to the virtual conference on ‘Skills for the Creative Industries’!10Paul Colla...2014-09-29
2 months Introduction of Competency Based Education and Training CBET to TVET3Moustafa W...2014-09-27
2 monthsILO programme KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS Mafelile S...2014-09-26
2 months Case Studies on Use of Educational Technology in Reducing Gender Inequality and Stereotyping8Dr.Vinay S...2014-09-26
2 monthsICT Readiness Comparative Analysis of Educational InstitutionsTrevor Smi...2014-09-25
2 months Top Nairobi Vocational Schools?5Henry Chu ...2014-09-24
2 months [Revising2001] e-Forum synthesis report on Revising the 2001 Revised Recommendation concerning technical and vocational education3UNESCO-UNE...2014-09-24
2 months Education Technology7Dr.Vinay S...2014-09-24
3 monthsLearning and Training Objectives of TVET Instructors / Trainers / TeachersMoustafa W...2014-09-23
2 months Skills for Renewable Energy – Study on Technical and Vocational Training in Africa2Lenz, Flor...2014-09-23
3 months10th ASEAN Skill competition in Vietnamting he [t...2014-09-23
2 months Scientific evidence for or against division of labour in TVET teaching10Ewald Gold...2014-09-22
1 month Skills in Action Award: calling for young people to share their stories3UNESCO-UNE...2014-09-22
2 months PhD Ideas: Agricultural not attractive to Early School Leavers11Robert Jju...2014-09-22
2 months What makes a teacher a “good” teacher?5James D. R...2014-09-20
2 months National policy on vocational skills development7Muhammad S...2014-09-19
2 months Key competencies to assess9Emmanuel M...2014-09-18
2 months Upcoming: virtual conference on skills for the creative industries, 29 September to 10 October 2014, UNEVOC e-Forum3UNESCO-UNE...2014-09-18
2 months Starting TVET e-Library10Israel Eka...2014-08-28
1 month Detail Announcement of International Conference on Emerging Trends in TVET: Vision 2025 5Asfa M. Ya...2014-07-21

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