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3 daysFocus on Learning or Training in TVET? (moderation pending)Rod Murray...2016-02-05
4 daysRequest for contact details: TVET institutions in Singapore, South Korea and IndiaEkpolador-...2016-02-04
1 weekEssential digital skills: NeuroLudus UpdateChris Chin...2016-02-01
1 week Call for Collaboration: TVET and Oil and Gas in Rwanda2Job Githin...2016-02-01
5 days Integrating migrants into TVET programmes12Menghestab...2016-01-28
1 week The role of VET compared to other academic courses4David Call...2016-01-27
1 week Fit for Purpose TVET7Moustafa W...2016-01-27
1 week ALADIN Online Alert #82Lisa Krola...2016-01-26
1 week UNESCO Education positions open for recruitment2UNESCO-UNE...2016-01-25
6 days Embedding Entrepreneurship Learning in TVET?19Moustafa W...2016-01-25
1 week Grade 4 to Grade 12 Design & Technology syllabus 2bai ndure ...2016-01-22
2 weeksMOOC: Quality in Digital LearningElke Wemho...2016-01-21
2 weeksConsultancy post Somaliland: Labor Market Survey and Capacity Assessment for TVET Service ProvidersJimale Yus...2016-01-20
2 weeksCall for Proposals: Individual Consultant specialized in National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) DevelopmentIrene Jura...2016-01-19
2 weeksCall for Proposals: TVET Governance Advisor to the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional GovernmentIrene Jura...2016-01-19
2 weeks Technical English modules in Mechatronics2Yudith Iri...2016-01-19
2 weeksCompetency Management in TVET - should it be challenged?Moustafa W...2016-01-19
3 weeksThe Canadian Vocational Association December 2015 Newsletter is now online. IN FOCUS: Gendercvaacfp [c...2016-01-18
2 weeks Needed: Basic Portuguese or French Vocational Curriculum 4Chris Coll...2016-01-18
3 weeksBenchmarking, norms and standardsDoreen KOK...2016-01-18
3 weekseLearning Africa 2016 - 11th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and TrainingKatarina S...2016-01-18
3 weeksLondon Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training 2016: conference registration now open and call for papers launchedRachael Mc...2016-01-18
3 weeks AuthorAID Online Course for Grant Proposal Writing2John Okewo...2016-01-16
1 week Implementing Good Practices in TVET12Tazifuzin ...2016-01-16
3 weeksUNESCO-UNEVOC Online Resources update! UNESCO-UNE...2016-01-15
1 week Blended learning in TVET: Meaning and use.11Jean Hauti...2016-01-15
2 weeks NEET - uses and limitations?7Wouter de ...2016-01-14
1 week Get involved! UNESCO-UNEVOC virtual conferences 2015 survey3Wouter de ...2016-01-08
1 month New publication: Level-setting and recognition of learning outcomes2UNESCO-UNE...2016-01-07
1 monthUNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2016Max Ehlers...2016-01-07
1 month Research Collaboration in E-gov, Cloud, E-Learning, Sustainable Technologies, International Relations.2Haziq Jeel...2015-12-29
1 monthJust Published: UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin 28, December 2015UNESCO-UNE...2015-12-23
3 weeks UNEVOC Questionnaire: Activities to improve the image of TVET (French and Spanish version below)3UNESCO-UNE...2015-12-23
1 week CBET program for TVET trainers/instructors8Morán Car...2015-12-21
1 month Seasons greetings and review of e-Forum in 20152UNESCO-UNE...2015-12-17
1 monthSustainable Development in TVETMojtaba an...2015-12-17
1 monthCompetent Worker Designation While Being TrainedDamian Boy...2015-12-16
1 month Nigeria: Prioritization of Technical and Vocational Education6henshaw [f...2015-12-16
1 monthCreating Entrepreneurial Avenues by focusing on self driven learningRenu bajpa...2015-12-15
1 monthWork based learning and institutional based learningModesto Go...2015-12-14
1 month Training in small towns in Tanzania8ALI SHERIF...2015-12-14
1 month Future Skills or Universal Skills in TVET13Dr. Md. Sa...2015-12-11
2 monthsTVET in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Request for ProposalColleges o...2015-12-10
3 weeks Soft skills and communication for nurses4Gizel Hind...2015-12-09
1 month Trainers competency model2khuzainey ...2015-12-09
2 monthsThe Canadian Vocational Association October and November 2015 Newsletters/Le bulletin du CVA est maintenant en lignecvaacfp [c...2015-12-07
2 months TVET education (Pakistan) and basic literacy skills4Tracy [tar...2015-12-06
2 months NEW! CVA/ACFP DACUM I Public Workshops in 20162cvaacfp [c...2015-12-04
2 monthsUSD Consortium Seminars/Felicitation CeremonyRenu bajpa...2015-12-01
2 months Recognizing the Skills of Agriculture Industry Workforce via RCC 2Taimoor Ta...2015-12-01
2 monthsCall for expression of interest: UNESCO study of initial and continuous teacher training programs UNESCO-UNE...2015-11-30
1 month CALL FOR PAPERS Journal of Innovative Practice in Vocational Technical Education2JIP VTE [j...2015-11-27
1 month Need support for Georgia regarding documents about Income generation in VET system3Nikoloz Me...2015-11-26
2 months TVET teachers in Brazil2Jessica Qu...2015-11-24
2 months Economic Empowerment of youth, women & slum people through their Skill Development5Renu bajpa...2015-11-23
2 months Call for support - training teachers in creation of Educational Resources2NOAH NOAH ...2015-11-19
2 monthsAward win for Sector Skills BodyJonathan L...2015-11-18
2 months ALADIN Online Alert #72Lisa Krola...2015-11-18
2 months Food hygiene and community health training in pictures4Alison Lei...2015-11-17
2 months TVET Regional Conference Lao Dec 20152Owen Micha...2015-11-17
2 monthsEmployer engagement in education: A bibliographyRachael Mc...2015-11-16
2 months Workshop on setting standards for accrediting TVET programs3ricardo me...2015-11-16
2 months Partner to Open Study Center in Bangladesh2Mohammad S...2015-11-16
2 months[COP21] Summary of Week 2Nick Sofro...2015-11-15
2 monthsTVET ProfessionalsShauna Tho...2015-11-12
2 months Relevant TVET authorities in Switzerland & Singapore4Syeda Adee...2015-11-11
2 monthsImpact Assessment IndicatorsGhulam Raz...2015-11-11
2 monthsBenefits of Plain Language & Graphical InformationDamian Boy...2015-11-11
3 months TVET Kurdistan2Jwanro Mus...2015-11-10
2 months [COP21] Summary of Week 18Nick Sofro...2015-11-09
2 months Associations of Private Training Providers13Maria Over...2015-11-09
2 months [COP21] 3. TVET, vulnerable groups and Member States9Nick Sofro...2015-11-08
2 months Food Handlers Training period5shahrul am...2015-11-08
2 months UNESCO-UNEVOC is looking for promising practises in TVET2UNESCO-UNE...2015-11-06
2 months TVET for Students after first 3 years of secondary education.3Bramdeo Lo...2015-11-06
2 months Teaching Hours Standards for Vocational Training7Muhammad Z...2015-11-05
2 months Affiliation/Accreditation Bodies for Vocational/Technical Trainings7Muhammad Z...2015-11-05
3 months [COP21] 2. Greening of TVET institutions12Nick Sofro...2015-11-05
3 months Workshop Layout Standards8Muhammad Z...2015-11-05
2 months Employability of Participants of Vocational training Programme4BABA KACHA...2015-11-03
2 months [COP21] 1. Role of TVET in a changing climate19Nick Sofro...2015-11-03
2 months Call for Proposals VPET Congress3Serena Gut...2015-10-01
2 months Improving the image of TVET - Professionalism of teachers5Joseph Heg...2015-09-04
1 week Efficient ways of improving the image of TVET18Dr. Md. Sa...2015-08-27
2 months [Apprenticeships] Welcome, introduction and fields of interest 65Alessandra...2015-06-12
1 week Training / skills development initiatives for ship/boat building6Fiona Came...2015-03-25
1 week Call for papers: First SkillZHub Conerence 12 and 13 November 2013 Towards a coherent post school education and training sector 2Fiona Came...2013-08-13
1 week Soft Skills39Moustafa W...2011-11-25
1 month Career advisers in East & Central Africa3ali.sherif...2011-09-28

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