[Revising2001] Virtual Conference 1-14 April 2014
Revising the 2001 Revised Recommendation on TVE - Special Virtual Conference
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Activity Subject # msgs Started by Start date
2 daysSecond International Conference on Skill training and employment to be held in Tehran (moderation pending)Mohammad A...2014-04-19
2 daysBureaucracy Principles In human resources that lead to efficiency and effectiveness of education organization (moderation pending)shahrul am...2014-04-19
2 days Malaysia success: Human Resource Development Centres2David Berg...2014-04-17
2 days Outcome of TVET Reform System Projects 9Moustafa W...2014-04-16
6 days[Revising2001] Thank you for your participation!UNESCO-UNE...2014-04-15
5 days Job-focused Skills11Dr. Md. Sa...2014-04-12
6 days [Revising2001] A final discussion35Simon McGr...2014-04-11
1 weekCVA/ACFP Newsletter February-March 2014 / bulletin du CVA/ACFP février/marscvaacfp [c...2014-04-09
1 week [Revising2001] Systems reforms11Simon McGr...2014-04-08
1 week [Revising2001] Week 1 Summary3Simon McGr...2014-04-08
2 weeksSpecial Virtual Conference on e-Forum - join now!UNESCO-UNE...2014-04-07
1 week [Revising2001] Major Themes34Simon McGr...2014-04-07
2 weeksCompetency Based Standards improvement and reflection in KSA modelRaja Asad ...2014-04-04
1 week [Revising2001] Guiding principles - Inclusive TVET12Simon McGr...2014-04-03
2 weeks [Revising2001] Rounding up days 1&22Simon McGr...2014-04-02
1 week [Revising2001] Guiding principles for the Revised Recommendation17Simon McGr...2014-04-02
2 weeks Global Standards of TVET Institutions/Centres3Dr. Md. Sa...2014-04-02
2 weeks [Revising2001] Welcome and first question - what is changing in TVET?35Simon McGr...2014-03-31
3 weeks Online PhD programme in Management or Governance of TVET4John Dewah...2014-03-30
4 days Challenges of TVET in developed countries17Dr. Md. Sa...2014-03-29
3 weeks Definitions of Higher Education & TVET4Moustafa W...2014-03-28
3 weeksLooking for a M&E expert to support vocational skills development projectKatharina ...2014-03-26
5 days Course materials for city and guids level 1 in communication2emamorose ...2014-03-26
2 weeks Higher Education in TVET in Bangladesh16Dr. Md. Sa...2014-03-26
5 days Women empowerment through ICT for Sustainable Development in Nepal 3Pradeep Sa...2014-03-26
3 weeksEducation Management: Paradigm Shift Through Broad-mindedness and Design ThinkingJames D. R...2014-03-26
3 weeks International Equivalence of Skills Certification4mr haripad...2014-03-24
3 weeks Providing Academic and Career Choices via Community Colleges5Norton, Ro...2014-03-23
1 monthJust published: Shanghai Update 2UNESCO-UNE...2014-03-21
5 days Setting up a school bridging the gap between academia and practice15gerald dar...2014-03-21
3 weeks Upcoming: Special Virtual Conference on Revising the Revised 2001 Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education 2UNESCO-UNE...2014-03-21
1 monthCall for Papers for Indian Journal of Vocational EducationDr.V.S. Me...2014-03-20
1 month Enterprise Education at Primary Level8Emily Boot...2014-03-18
1 month Criteria of evaluation for instructional supervision for tve 2Fathin Sha...2014-03-18
1 month TVET and HE Models (update)2Moustafa W...2014-03-18
1 monthTVET and Career GuidanceTony Watts...2014-03-17
1 month Guidance Counseling for TVET2Tony Asper...2014-03-17
4 weeks TVET Community Engagement Session - VTDI, JAMAICA5Lecia Brow...2014-03-14
1 monthIFAMA Student Case CompetitionKalu Samue...2014-03-14
1 month Assessment tools2Tracy Roge...2014-03-14
1 monthCall for nominations: Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2014APEID Unit...2014-03-14
1 month Building collaboration for development of a joint competence based curriculum and training program2Rahman Ola...2014-03-13
1 monthPress release eLearning Africa: A Turning Point for African EconomiesICWE Press...2014-03-11
1 monthCrowdfunding sustainable learning solutions. Also in vocational training ? Wambeke To...2014-03-10
1 week 3rd UPI International Conference on TVET (13-14 November 2014)2Agus Setia...2014-03-10
1 month Challenges in Management Perspectives2Esa Md San...2014-03-10
1 monthCompetency Based Education (CBE) DefinitionNorton, Ro...2014-03-09
1 month The 12 Competencies for the Vocational Teaching Profession6James D. R...2014-03-08
1 month Pros and cons of CBET and related Assessment Systems5Moustafa W...2014-03-07
1 monthMobile cards for learning and training / support our crowdfunding campaignElena Mond...2014-03-06
1 month Peer Educators Training HIV and AIDS awareness raising5shina oloj...2014-03-06
1 month Vocational education governance3Li Yujing ...2014-03-06
1 month Educational Administration of TVET Programmes18Lecia Brow...2014-03-06
1 month Technology Integration in TVET2Charles Ky...2014-03-05
1 month Request for Assistance: Mood Board Feedback2Chris Chin...2014-03-04
1 monthRisk Management in TVETPearlette ...2014-03-03
1 month Strengthening Relationships Through Job Analysis2Robert E. ...2014-03-03
1 month Competency Based Curricula (CBC) 14Nirmalya N...2014-02-27
1 monthPathways related to vocational education and tracer study methodologiesBinaben Ak...2014-02-26
1 month The power of video3Stephen Va...2014-02-24
1 month Vocational Pedagogy29Dr.V.S. Me...2014-02-24
2 monthsAnnouncing Ecotourism Training in Columbus, Ohio, USAKathy Mose...2014-02-20
1 month Announcing TVET Conference in Kuwait2Mohammad B...2014-02-19
1 month TVET integrated management information system Namibia5Keith Keys...2014-02-19
2 monthsInternship announcement at UNESCO in Bangkok Barbara Tr...2014-02-19
5 days 3rd RVTTI International Conference on Transformative TVET2Agnes Rono...2014-02-16
2 monthsUNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014onyinyechi...2014-02-14
2 months Framework for authentic workbased assessments7Opal Elean...2014-02-12
2 months AgMP 2014: Acquiring Agribusiness Management Education in Africa2Kalu Samue...2014-02-10
2 monthsEIF 2014: Achieving quality for opening up educationUlf Ehlers...2014-02-08
2 monthsImplementing CBT in the classroomMax Ehlers...2014-02-07
2 monthsPartners EU Funding ProposalDan Baffou...2014-02-07
2 monthsCultural Competency Based Training Curriculum for rural communitiesSusan Osir...2014-02-06
2 months Use of mobile technology in teacher and trainer development3Max Ehlers...2014-02-06
2 monthsPurpose of vocational training program in india?DARSHAKKUM...2014-02-04
2 months 1st Human Resource Directors Summit 20142YES Camero...2014-02-03
2 months[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - February 2014Sabine Man...2014-02-03
2 months TVET-Quality assurance framework11Tandin Dor...2014-01-30
2 months Expanding TVET at the Secondary Education Level 2Barbara Tr...2014-01-30
2 monthsTVET@Asia: Call for Papers Barbara Tr...2014-01-28
2 monthsIndia Youth Advocacy ProgramKathy Mose...2014-01-27
2 monthsImproving gender access to TVETArthur E. ...2014-01-24
2 monthsCourse on Quality management of e-Learning delivery and developmentElena Mond...2014-01-23
2 monthsCVA/ACFP Newsletter, focus on MOOC & eLearning! Bulletin du CVA/ACFP cvaacfp [c...2014-01-23
2 monthsMidterm Review of project in BangladeshHaider Naz...2014-01-23
2 monthsDual System in South KoreaMojtaba an...2014-01-22
2 months Looking for TEVT resources: Livelihood Nepal 4Himal Kark...2014-01-21
3 monthsLEARNTEC 2014 coming upProf. Dr. ...2014-01-21
2 months ISO 29990:2010 Implementation in TVET Workshop2Mohammad B...2014-01-18
2 months MOBILE TRAINING UNITS in rural areas44Robert Joh...2014-01-18
2 months Principals attitude and students performance in technical subjects taught in secondary schools11Emmanuel O...2014-01-10
2 months How important is an Employee Personal Development Plan PDP for an Enterprise or TVET Institution8Moustafa W...2014-01-07

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