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~2 years Control book3Mojtaba an...2013-12-24
~2 yearsA review of the UNEVOC e-Forum in 2013UNESCO-UNE...2013-12-20
~2 yearsJust published:UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin 25, December 2013UNESCO-UNE...2013-12-20
~2 years Integrating STEM in the TVET Curricula19Henry Gray...2013-12-19
~2 yearsTVET book release: In Search of the Blue LotusSandra Suk...2013-12-17
~2 yearsSkills for Employment Global Public-Private Knowledge Sharing PlatformJeannette ...2013-12-17
~2 years Training Plan - Evaluation of Learning and Training3Moustafa W...2013-12-17
~2 yearsJust published: Synthesis report on e-Forum virtual conference on tackling youth unemployment through TVETUNESCO-UNE...2013-12-12
~2 yearsThe CVA/ACFP Newsletter is out! Le bulletin du CVA/ACFP est en lignecvaacfp [c...2013-12-09
~2 years Handover Between TVET I and TVET II2ehab hagga...2013-12-04
~2 yearsWorld TVET Database reaches 50 country reportsUNESCO-UNE...2013-12-03
~2 years[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - December 2013Sabine Man...2013-12-02
~2 years [Youth] Synthesis report on Tackling youth unemployment through TVET 2UNESCO-UNE...2013-11-28
~2 years [GreeningTVET] Thank you very much for your participation in the virtual conference 2Julia Kast...2013-11-26
~2 years [GreeningTVET] Final comments6Julia Kast...2013-11-25
~2 yearsOpening Frontiers to the Future: eLearning Africa 2014 Call for ProposalsICWE Press...2013-11-21
~2 years[GreeningTVET] 4. Communication and supportJulia Kast...2013-11-20
~2 years [GreeningTVET] 3. Curriculum development3Julia Kast...2013-11-20
~2 years [GreeningTVET] SUMMARY OF WEEK 15Julia Kast...2013-11-20
~2 years[GreeningTVET] Resources: Workplace InnovationAntonius S...2013-11-20
~2 years Assessment and Verification Processes4Moustafa W...2013-11-19
~2 years London 2014 employer engagement in education research conference - early bird offer ends 23 November3Anthony Ma...2013-11-19
~2 years [GreeningTVET] Resources shared by participants7UNESCO-UNE...2013-11-18
~2 years Developing NOSS and CBT for service sector occupations4Nasir Ahma...2013-11-18
~2 years [GreeningTVET] 1. Qualifications needs2Julia Kast...2013-11-15
~2 years [GreeningTVET] 2. Implementation Strategies4Julia Kast...2013-11-15
~2 years [GreeningTVET] Video conference5UNESCO-UNE...2013-11-15
~2 yearsDevelping a Standards Operations Manual (SOP) for TVETPaul Awunt...2013-11-15
~2 years ISO 9001 & 29990, are the compliance and quality requirements increasing?8Richard No...2013-11-15
~2 years[GreeningTVET] First Summary of welcome messagesJulia Kast...2013-11-14
~2 years Implementation Master in TVET23Lois Bucle...2013-11-13
~2 yearsVocational education and technical training Middle East and North AfricaJack Pegra...2013-11-13
~2 years New issue of Journal of Vocational and Technical Education in China2Li Yujing ...2013-11-13
~2 years [GreeningTVET] Welcome to the UNEVOC virtual conference on Greening TVET27Julia Kast...2013-11-12
~2 yearsTechniques for making teaching easier and more funShaikha Sa...2013-11-12
~2 years Databases and resources for skills development2Damian Boy...2013-11-11
~2 years Celebrating Green Day 2UNESCO-UNE...2013-11-11
~2 years Enhancement of Technical Education in Pakistan4Ahmed Raza...2013-11-09
~2 yearsThe CVA/ACFP newsletter for October is out! In focus: PIAAC / PEICA! Le bulletin d’octobre est maintenant en ligne cvaacfp [c...2013-11-08
~2 yearsDraft Australian Curriculum: Work Studies Years 9-10 open for consultationMy-Le Kha ...2013-11-07
~2 yearsYes Cameroon School Business ClubYES Camero...2013-11-06
~2 years Soft skills in TVET Institutes8Bumchu Wan...2013-11-05
~2 years Developing performing arts skills at vocational schools in Jamaica10fabian gab...2013-11-01
~2 years Materials for Pedagogic training3Masriam Bu...2013-11-01
~2 years Teacher's Perception about TEVET2Delpherine...2013-10-29
~2 yearsInnovative practices in skills development/ TVETashwani ag...2013-10-23
~2 years6th Conference on ICT in Education: Call for papersMORRIS,Hal...2013-10-22
~2 years Upcoming: UNESCO-UNEVOC virtual conference on Greening TVET from 12 to 26 November 20132UNESCO-UNE...2013-10-21
~2 years Rationale/Philosophy of TVE5joshua sae...2013-10-21
~2 years Teaching of mathematics at Technical High School2ziba fani ...2013-10-20
~2 years Cooperative education6Dinara [ki...2013-10-18
~2 years Student portfolio 10peter arjo...2013-10-18
~2 years TVET Funding Models8Abdullah H...2013-10-16
~2 yearsQuantified value add arguments, trend figuresRichard No...2013-10-15
~2 years Role and contribution of women in economic development2Bomchu Wan...2013-10-15
~2 yearsNeed for massive digital literacy for development of e-commerceRafael Bar...2013-10-14
~2 yearsUNHCR RFP/2013/551 Survey and Study of Online LearningTroy Etula...2013-10-14
~2 years OJT importancy for TVET trainees3kjayasena ...2013-10-14
~2 yearsTVET System in Iraq before 1980Winston Be...2013-10-14
~2 years TVET in Nepal5robert tay...2013-10-12
~2 yearsConference Announcement: Internship and Traineeship for Students and Young PeopleAdapt Inte...2013-10-10
~2 years Differences between HOD and Principal instructor2emamorose ...2013-10-10
~2 years Literature review on non formal TVET5HENRY FRED...2013-10-08
~2 yearsILO Academy on Skills Development: last fellowships availableAlessandra...2013-10-08
~2 yearsReports on ICT in education in BrazilLisa Freib...2013-10-08
~2 years International cooperation with Kazakhstan2Dinara [ki...2013-10-08
~2 yearsThe CVA ACFP August-September newsletter is out! Le bulletin du CVA/ACFP est en ligne! cvaacfp [c...2013-10-08
~2 yearsVocational training content packageIndira Kon...2013-10-07
~2 years Opportunity: Skills Development Project Design2Haider Naz...2013-10-07
~2 years Research Proposal: Using instructional video for the development of dental laboratory skills4olubodun o...2013-10-05
~2 years The difference between VET and IVET7Mohammad m...2013-10-05
~2 yearsTalent Management, TVET & Competency Based Education and Training CBETMoustafa W...2013-10-04
~2 years TVET in Haiti3Tom McCann...2013-10-03
~2 years Cost and affordability of Competency-Based Training4Elaine McN...2013-10-03
~2 years BOOT and BOT in TVET3NUHU MUHD ...2013-10-03
~2 years Competency-Based Training (CBT)8Okemo Duck...2013-10-02
~2 years Mathematics in technical school7ziba fani ...2013-10-01
~2 years[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - October 2013Sabine Man...2013-10-01
~2 years Definitions: purpose and excellency of TVET college6Hoosen Ras...2013-10-01
~2 years Managing TVET programmes3kevin baxt...2013-09-30
~2 yearsSpecifications of Wiring Booths Peter Marc...2013-09-28
~2 yearsResearch on skills subjected to their life cycle threats thereby uprooting earningsManohar La...2013-09-27
~2 years Entrepreneurship concept for primary school students7Mohammad A...2013-09-27
~2 years Vocational Education modalities in emergency situation4Md. Kabir ...2013-09-26
~2 yearsDACUM International Seminar, Las Vegas, December 2013Robert E. ...2013-09-26
~2 years Botswana Brigades3Lydia Basu...2013-09-25
~2 years Entrepreneurial skills4Abdulkadir...2013-09-25
~2 years Evaluation in TVET5mojtaba an...2013-09-24
~2 years TVET for ethno-based economic empowerment5mazlenamaz...2013-09-24
~2 years PhD studies in Entrepreneurship Promotion for Sustainable Development in Africa 2Todini Mar...2013-09-23
~2 yearsResearch Project Proposal TVET Managers for Training InstitutionsLevy Nakat...2013-09-19
~2 yearsComparing TVET Systems: Germany and IndonesiaDelpherine...2013-09-18
~2 yearsCall for papers - CAPA CONFERENCE IN ARUSHA, TANZANIAmisheck ka...2013-09-18
~2 years TVET school Philippines, Legazpi/Albay3Elisabeth ...2013-09-16
~2 yearsVacancy announcement at ITC-ILOAlessandra...2013-09-16
~2 yearsCall for Papers for Indian Journal of Vocational EducationDr.V.S. Me...2013-09-12
~2 years3rd meeting on entrepreneurship educationTan, Lay C...2013-09-10
~2 yearsCall for papers: London conference on employer engagement in educationAnthony Ma...2013-09-05
~2 yearsElectrical Real life CompetenceMajubu M s...2013-09-05
~2 yearsmLearn 2013 Conference at CNAQLang, Kris...2013-09-05
~2 yearsUNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin 24UNESCO-UNE...2013-09-05
~2 years Apprenticeship Training Guidelines6Binod Bada...2013-09-04
~2 years Questionnaire on challenges of attaining quality TVET in Nigeria2Igberadja ...2013-09-02
~2 yearsILO Academy on Skills Development, 25/11 - 06/12 2013, Turin (Italy)Alessandra...2013-08-30
~2 years TVET and HE Models3Adil Abbas...2013-08-30
~2 yearsResource Guide on Gender Mainstreaming into Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in BangladeshArthur E. ...2013-08-27
~2 years Inclusiveness in TVET - Gender, Persons with Disabilities4Arthur E. ...2013-08-27
~2 years TVET legislation8Abraham J....2013-08-27
~2 years Academic Plan and Physical Plan for a TVET institution2Endi Ezeng...2013-08-27
~2 years Starting to teach competency based5peter arjo...2013-08-27
~2 years Talent Management of TVET in Developing Countries2Moustafa W...2013-08-24
~2 yearsInvitation to Teach A Man To Fish conference - Linking Education, Employability & Enterprise!Nik Kafka ...2013-08-20
~2 yearsFormation DACUM par ACFP en francais. 23 au 26 septembre 2013, Canadacvaacfp [c...2013-08-20
~2 yearsMonitoring & Evaluation M&E Strategy in TVETMoustafa W...2013-08-19
~2 years Call for interest; International Summit on Entrepreneurship and Job Creation 18-23 Nov. 20132YES Camero...2013-08-19
~2 years Conference invitation: Public private partnership in the development of TVET2adamu jebb...2013-08-19
~2 yearsScaling of Modularized and Competency Based TVETMoustafa W...2013-08-19
~2 yearsCall for papers: First SkillZHub Conerence 12 and 13 November 2013 Towards a coherent post school education and training sector Fiona Came...2013-08-13
~2 yearsEuropean conference on quality assurance in VET - Västerås, Sweden - 26 SeptemberAli Rashid...2013-08-13
~2 yearsInternational Workshop on Entrepreneurship Education (IWEE) in Fukuoka, JapanTan, Lay C...2013-08-13
~2 years Assistance with some course modules2Joseph Ima...2013-08-13
~2 yearsNew country reports in World TVET DatabaseUNESCO-UNE...2013-08-12
~2 years Training for Prison Inmates and released?11Tibebu Teg...2013-08-12
~2 yearsThe CVA ACFP June-July newsletter is out! Le bulletin du CVA/ACFP est en ligne! In Focus: Australia, New Zealand and French speaking countriescvaacfp [c...2013-08-08
~2 years How to scale up TVET8Rajat Khaw...2013-08-07
~2 yearsDACUM Job Analysis Facilitator Training Robert E. ...2013-08-07
~2 yearsPostdoctoral Research Fellowships for eLearning ResearchProf. Dr. ...2013-08-06
~2 yearsLooking for experts to help reform education and skills sector Meghalaya, IndiaOrlanda Ru...2013-07-31
~2 yearsUNESCO Bangkok Newsletter on ICT for TVET - July 2013UNESCO-UNE...2013-07-31
~2 yearsInvitation to the International Youth Job Creation Summit, London, 13th Sept.Janne Geur...2013-07-30
~2 yearsJust published: Synthesis report on e-Forum virtual conference on ICTs for TVETUNESCO-UNE...2013-07-30
~2 years Cedefop Press Release - Opportunities and challenges for ECVET, the vocational credit transfer system2UNESCO-UNE...2013-07-25
~2 yearsTerms of Reference for an Independent Review of Youth Employment (primarily through TVET) Programs John B. T...2013-07-25
~2 years Seeking information on Recognition of Prior Learning12Leela Vath...2013-07-23
~2 yearsSustainability, agriculture and the environment. Survey for Masters DissertationKjersti Ha...2013-07-22
~2 years Competency-based Education18Norton, Ro...2013-07-22
~2 years Besoin de creation d une filiere agricole2NIAMIEN Ya...2013-07-22
~2 years Glossary of Terms for TVET, Assessment and Verification10mmm.wahba@...2013-07-18
~2 yearsComplexity and requirements for ISO certification of TVET Institutionsmmm.wahba@...2013-07-18
~2 years Training of trainers on entrepreneurship education, Cameroon4YES Camero...2013-07-17
~2 years Call for projects 8th UNESCO Youth Forum: Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development.2UNESCO-UNE...2013-07-17
~2 years TVET Training DVDs16John Milla...2013-07-17
~2 yearsSpace Seeds for Asian Future (SSAF 2013) e-learning sessionBudhi Kurn...2013-07-17
~2 years Modular curricula in welding and fabrication4sam kad [m...2013-07-16
~2 years Best Practices for TVET Trainer and Instructor Development (Train the Trainer)5Damian Boy...2013-07-14
~2 years Examples of MODULAR TVET curricula9Thea Sipra...2013-07-12
~2 years [Youth] Thank you for your participation in the virtual conference on youth and skills2UNESCO-UNE...2013-07-11
~2 years [Youth] Summary of Week 22Gita Subra...2013-07-10
~2 years Alternatives when job opportunities for a given VET course dries up. 6Siddharth ...2013-07-09
~2 yearsNew MOOCs on the Virtual Linguistics CampusJuergen Ha...2013-07-08
~2 years [Youth] Please share your resources, research and links with the group!5Gita Subra...2013-07-08
~2 years [Youth] Opportunities and challenges in upgrading the image of TVET8Gita Subra...2013-07-06
~2 years [Youth] Monitoring and evaluation of youth-focused TVET programmes2Gita Subra...2013-07-06
~2 years Info about Graduate programme in Educational Measurement/Evaluation/Assessment/Certification2Bramdeo Lo...2013-07-06
~2 years22nd Annual Efvet International ConferenceAthina Pit...2013-07-05
~2 years Role of a training analysis7Bumchu Wan...2013-07-05
~2 years European conference on Quality Assurance in VET on 26 September in Vasteras, Sweden 3Ali Rashid...2013-07-05
~2 years[Youth] Youth unemployment in EuropeKaterina A...2013-07-04
~2 years Criteria for Ranking Tertiary Institutions8AMINA IDRI...2013-07-03
~2 years [Youth] WebEx live teleconference on Thursday 4 July 2013 at 2pm (Berlin, GMT+02:00)6UNESCO-UNE...2013-07-03
~2 yearsResearcher Needed: Study on Green Jobs for Youth in Asia John B. T...2013-07-03
~2 yearsVocational Training Providers List in Europe per CountryAthina Pit...2013-07-02
~2 yearsQuality label for capacity buildingElena Mond...2013-07-02
~2 years [Youth] TVET’s role in easing the school-to-work transition10Gita Subra...2013-07-02
~2 years [Youth] Widening access: Engaging hard-to-reach and marginalised groups 4Katerina A...2013-07-02
~2 years [Youth] Entrepreneurship education11Katerina A...2013-07-02
~2 years [Youth] Labour market information and skills forecasting8Gita Subra...2013-07-02
~2 years[Youth] Week 1 wrap-up and focus for Week 2Gita Subra...2013-07-02
~2 yearsNew online free technical dictionary (AR,ENG,FR,GER)Arabterm G...2013-07-01
~2 years Mechatronics students discussions: TVET and culture3tobias Jac...2013-07-01
~2 years Inviting the present experts-WorldSkills 20132farshid bo...2013-07-01
~2 yearsUNESCO and the UNEVOC Network at WorldSkills 2013UNESCO-UNE...2013-07-01
~2 yearsMay Newsletter of the CVA is now online / Le bulletin de mai de l' ACFP en lignecvaacfp [c...2013-06-30
~2 yearsRelation between ICT in education and neuroscienceFouad M. Y...2013-06-29
~2 years On-line Medium for Career Opportunities in TVET2Karla Evan...2013-06-28
~2 years Integrated Training Programme in TVET and Competency Management3mmm.wahba@...2013-06-28
~2 years Information about countries providing financial subsidies to VET students. 7Siddharth ...2013-06-28
~2 yearsEuropean Conference on Quality Assurance in VETAli Rashid...2013-06-28
~2 yearsMonitoring and Evaluation tool for Quality Assurancealmamy kin...2013-06-27
~2 years [Youth] Sharing your experiences on youth-focused TVET12Gita Subra...2013-06-27
~2 yearsmLearn 2013 Conference at CNAQLang, Kris...2013-06-27
~2 yearsCall for papers for KATTI regional conference onTVETAgnes Rono...2013-06-25
~2 years [Youth] Welcome to the UNEVOC virtual conference on youth and skills!55Gita Subra...2013-06-25
~2 years Doctoral programme in Competency based Education & Training6onyeka njo...2013-06-24
~2 yearsSalutations a partir de São Tomé et PrincipeWildiley B...2013-06-23
~2 yearsAttending WorldSkills 2013?Paul Rushw...2013-06-21
~2 yearsNew issue of the Journal of Vocational and Technical Education in ChinaLi Yujing ...2013-06-19
~2 years TVET for people living with disabilities3Dorcaz Mug...2013-06-18
~2 years [ICT] Draft report for your comments - ICT for TVET 2Nik Kafka ...2013-06-18
~2 years Looking for Project Ideas - Woodworks and Machining4Marc Magsa...2013-06-17
~2 yearsDACUM Job Analysis Facilitator TrainingRobert E. ...2013-06-14
~2 years Recommendations for Sector Skills councils contribution to handicrafts sector4Leela Vath...2013-06-14
~2 yearsConnect-Asia activitiesBudhi Kurn...2013-06-13
~2 years Use of formal Career Interest Inventory Assessments2Trevor Smi...2013-06-12
~2 years Strategies to address gender in TVET5Jennifer M...2013-06-12
~2 years Practice standards for TVET trainers and assessors2Cornelius ...2013-06-12
~2 years Upcoming: UNESCO-UNEVOC virtual conference on youth and skills from 25 June to 9 July 20132UNESCO-UNE...2013-06-12
~2 years Strengths and Weaknesses of TVET7Jose Cossa...2013-06-12
~2 yearsNew methods of teaching and evaluating TVET coursesOrji Tobia...2013-06-11
~2 years Your input requested: UNEVOC workshop on Skills for sustainable growth through networking3UNESCO-UNE...2013-06-11
~2 yearsInternships and Traineeships: Occupational Transition or Exploitation?Adapt Inte...2013-06-11
~2 years Qualifications of Instructors / Trainers / Teachers working in Training Industry2mmm.wahba@...2013-06-08
~2 yearsInvitation to Learning link 2013Elena Mond...2013-06-07
~2 years Intercultural Competencies in TVET6mmm.wahba@...2013-06-06
~2 yearsArab government social media use in the education and skills formation sectorWes Schwal...2013-06-05
~2 years Motivating youth for TVET6Yonton B. ...2013-06-05
~2 years Skills for poverty reduction in the informal sector - developing an analytical framework7Céline Co...2013-06-04
~2 years Research Checklist Nigeria3emamorose ...2013-06-04
~2 years Skills First or English? A challenge for the Arab Youth who are in TVET.25Noureddine...2013-06-03
~2 years[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - June 2013Sabine Man...2013-06-03
~2 years Assessors, Verfiers and Quality Assurance Practitioners for VQs2Abiodun Od...2013-06-03
~2 years Quality assurance of e-learning programmes12Cornelius ...2013-06-03
~2 yearsGraduate Development Program - competency basedMahendran ...2013-06-02
~2 yearsAfrican Voices on the Digital RevolutioneLearning ...2013-05-30
~2 years TVET and entrepreneurship2naomi moro...2013-05-29
~2 years [ICT] Thank you for your participation!7UNESCO-UNE...2013-05-28
~2 years Study visit to Singapore and Malaysia5Muhammad Z...2013-05-28
~2 years Vacancy: TVET Consultant in South Sudan2Mónica Es...2013-05-28
~2 years[ICT] Last few hours to participate in ICT for TVET conference! Nik Kafka ...2013-05-28
~2 yearsAll Africa at the TableeLearning ...2013-05-28
~2 years Counselling and guidance for careers and employment4Rafael Bar...2013-05-26
~2 yearsInformation on an e-learning project in Yemenabdulkarim...2013-05-26
~2 years Intervention Programme/s to Change the Misconceptions about TVET29Karla Evan...2013-05-26
~2 years[ICT] Wrap up day 8 and intro to final 2 topics for discussion Nik Kafka ...2013-05-24
~2 years [ICT] Please share your resources, links, materials and examples for the group 12Nik Kafka ...2013-05-23
~2 years Setting up Hair and Beauty programme in developing country like Africa5Albert T P...2013-05-23
~2 yearsTVET in JapanKARACA [me...2013-05-23
~2 years TVET as Continuing or Lifelong Learning3mmm.wahba@...2013-05-23
~2 years Start-up capital costs for practical training6Anthony Ge...2013-05-23
~2 years [ICT] Wrap up days 6 - 7, intro to WebEx today2Nik Kafka ...2013-05-22
~2 years [ICT] WebEx live teleconference on Thursday 23rd May at 10am GMT11Nik Kafka ...2013-05-21
~2 years How to create a Technical Vocational Education and Training Development plan?2majubu m s...2013-05-21
~2 yearsTeaching English to learners with different native languages via MOOCJuergen Ha...2013-05-21
~2 yearsTVET school in war affected areasSyed Asad ...2013-05-21
~2 years [ICT] ICTs in a TVET context: How can ICTs be used to improve learning outcomes?5Nik Kafka ...2013-05-21
~2 years Students Experiences of Basic Rural Technology, (A multi-skilling program)4Abraham N ...2013-05-21
~2 years Credit Transfer System5Binod Bada...2013-05-20
~2 years [ICT] Days 3 and 4 summary highlights 2Nik Kafka ...2013-05-17
~2 years [ICT] ICTs as a goal of TVET: what are the ICTs skills needs in the workplace of tomorrow?12Nik Kafka ...2013-05-17
~2 years [ICT] ICT challenges: the barriers, fears & risks to wider use of ICTs in TVET.9Norbert Fu...2013-05-17
~2 years [ICT] ICTs in classroom: How can ICTs be used to improve learning outcomes?18Imma Samue...2013-05-17
~2 yearsIVETA Conference Call for ProposalsMahlman, R...2013-05-16
~2 yearse-Learning Africa update - Innovation or Sustainability: the Choice for African EducationeLearning ...2013-05-16
~2 years Identifying occupations in demand4Hoosen Ras...2013-05-16
~2 years Students' Perceptions on Entrepreneurship3Jacqueline...2013-05-16
~2 years Literature Review of NOS at Turkey and Tunisia5Kiswani Ab...2013-05-16
~2 years Making schools more effective to meet 21st century challenges3vidya pras...2013-05-15
~2 years [ICT] Day 2: Summary Highlights10Nik Kafka ...2013-05-15
~2 years Quality Assurance in TVET in Barbados and the Caribbean4Dawn Gill ...2013-05-15
~2 years TVET Sustainable - UK Training Institutions.4Dr. G. Jan...2013-05-14
~2 years [ICT] Topic for Day 2: ICTs as a tool: increasing the reach & impact of TVET through ICT24Nik Kafka ...2013-05-14
~2 years[ICT] Day 1: Summary HighlightsNik Kafka ...2013-05-14
~2 years [ICT] Welcome to the UNEVOC virtual conference on ICT and TVET!54Nik Kafka ...2013-05-14
~2 yearsEntrepreneurship education in Asia and the PacificTan, Lay C...2013-05-14
~2 years Looking for materials on fish culture and breeding2Biplab Bik...2013-05-10
~2 years New and emerging trends in TVET2Nathalee S...2013-05-08
~2 yearsIran, May 2013: First International Conference on Skills Training and EmploymentMohammad A...2013-05-07
~2 years [UNEVOC Network] National Vocational Qualification Framework for Nigeria2Abiodun Od...2013-05-06
~2 yearsNew blog and forum posts on the Qualification PlatformFilippo De...2013-05-03
~2 years Link between TVET and environmental sustainability 5Frimpong K...2013-05-01
~2 years[UNEVOC Network] North American Cluster UNEVOC NewsletterLeah Jurko...2013-04-30
oldPortfolio Development Course - TVETTelojo Val...2013-04-26
oldMidterm Review of an apprenticeship project in BangladeshHaider Naz...2013-04-25
~2 years Upcoming: UNESCO-UNEVOC virtual conference on ICT and TVET from 14 to 28 May 2013 3UNESCO-UNE...2013-04-25
~2 years Skill standards for Hair dressing and cosmetology and Body Therapy6almamy kin...2013-04-25
oldGlobal Monitoring Report NewsAlert: New policy paper on teaching released for Global Action WeekUNESCO-UNE...2013-04-25
old Scientific methodology to measure labor shortage2nosilla co...2013-04-23
~2 years Just published: UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin 232UNESCO-UNE...2013-04-22
old Advanced research interest: Critical factors of success of TVET systems in post conflict countries2George Kol...2013-04-13
old Module Guide4Hoosen Ras...2013-04-11
oldICT for education solutions: by Africans, for the global economyeLearning ...2013-04-11
~2 years Teaching Modules on Work Ethics4Marc Magsa...2013-04-11
old Design and Technology Curriculum Development 6Invotec Ed...2013-04-10
old Research concern: finding employment after graduation12Beverley R...2013-04-09
old Hospitality english training in Thailand4Alexandre ...2013-04-09
oldInvitations? Conferences?Wendy Blai...2013-04-09
old TVET training materials7Kifleyesus...2013-04-09
oldMarch Newsletter of the CVA is out! / Le bulletin de mars de l' ACFP en lignecvaacfp [c...2013-04-06
oldAbout UK TVETzahran alz...2013-04-06
oldFourth International Apprenticeship Conference England 2013 presentationsrichard ma...2013-04-05
old Research in the field of economics of education2Abdoulaye ...2013-04-05
old School of Vocational Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences2Abraham N ...2013-04-05
oldResearch on VST test and employabilityBhanu Pand...2013-04-04
old Skilling India Project9karma lhaz...2013-04-03
oldInvitation to participate in the 11th international conference: Continuous education for sustainable developmentNatalia Na...2013-04-02
oldCall for nominations: Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2013APEID Unit...2013-04-02
oldSucceeding in construction management Randall M...2013-04-02
~2 years Concise definition of Education resource8Dr Sunny E...2013-04-02
oldRemoving barriers to differently abled personsArthur E. ...2013-03-29
oldInstitutional Assessments of TVET agencies in Bangladesh Ahmed Tahs...2013-03-28
old Labour market models and real time LM data6nosilla co...2013-03-28
oldOnly 11% of Arab Educators Regularly Use Educational Technologies in their ClassroomsWes Schwal...2013-03-27
oldA la recherche de formateurs internationauxALI ZADA [...2013-03-26
old Vocational choice and entrepreneurship20Rafael Bar...2013-03-26
oldThe Virtual Linguistics Campus has gone “MOOC”!Juergen Ha...2013-03-25
~2 years Master Thesis: Funding TVET Higher Education2Halenio Nu...2013-03-25
old New education policies for a sustainable future7RAJENDRA S...2013-03-24
old UNESCO's vision of education after 2015 2UNESCO-UNE...2013-03-22
old International benchmarks for testing and evaluation3kjayasena ...2013-03-22
oldACCC Annual Conference: Ideas UncorkedLeah Jurko...2013-03-19
old Measuring skills shortages5Hoosen Ras...2013-03-18
old Vocational education in Russia4Yvonne Con...2013-03-18
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