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Objectives and Goals

A Global Network of TVET Institutions

The UNEVOC Network of specialised technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions is the first worldwide network for TVET. It is a unique platform for the sharing of knowledge and experiences regarding all aspects of TVET and consists of more than 280 specialised TVET institutions - the so-called UNEVOC Centres - in more than 165 UNESCO Member States.

Among the institutions making up the UNEVOC Networks are government departments, quasi-public authorities and institutions responsible for TVET, public vocational education and training institutions, tertiary institutions and skills development centres in universities. What all have in common is a position within their country that allows them to cooperate with other TVET stakeholders, both domestically and worldwide.

The goals of the UNEVOC Network are to:

(a) Promote and foster collaboration in developing and improving TVET through a world-wide network of UNEVOC Centres;

(b) Develop UNEVOC Network Centres into an inclusive and effective network providing various forms of assistance to vocation education leaders and practitioners; and

(c) Share best innovative practices.

Its objectives:

- To enable UNEVOC Network Centres to be active channels for offering assistance to vocational leaders and educators and for providing reliable services, including the dissemination of UNESCO messages on TVET related matters;

- With UNEVOC Network Centres of sound profile to establish an inclusive learning network aimed at improving the availability of learning and teaching resources and innovatory tools; and at raising the national effectiveness of UNEVOC Network Centres and the status of TVET; and

- To consolidate the UNEVOC Networks through enhanced networking, clustering and access to dependable information on UNEVOC Network Centres and their contribution to knowledge generation and sharing.

More Information

UNEVOC Network Directory (http://www.unevoc.unesco.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pubs/UNEVOCDirectory.pdf) (PDF, 1,23MB)

CentresByType.gif (Source: UNESCO-UNEVOC, 2009)

CentresByRegion.gif (Source: UNESCO-UNEVOC, 2009)

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