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New UNEVOC Network member in Jamaica

University of Technology

university_of_technology_jamaica_THB.jpg The University of Technology is the second institution in Jamaica to join the UNEVOC Network.

The University’s application to become a UNEVOC Centre received a strong endorsement from the UNESCO Office in Kingston and the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO. The Secretary General, Mr Everton Hannam, stated in his letter to UNESCO-UNEVOC: “The University of Technology since its inception some 40 years ago has gradually expanded their Educational Programmes and is now amongst the most sought after University in the Caribbean.

The University of Technology is the only university in Jamaica that has a long track record of preparing TVET teachers at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It has facilities for TVET teaching, research and development, curriculum designs development, and human resource development.

University of Technology (http://www.utech.edu.jm) Website

UNEVOC Network Directory (http://www.unevoc.unesco.org/netw_dir3.php?browse=id&id=3034)

[Article: New UNEVOC Network Member in Jamaica: University of Technology ]
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