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    Non-Technical Skills

    The terminology used to refer to Non-Technical skills differs: generic skills, key competencies, soft skills, employability skills, key skills, core skills, essential skills, necessary skills, employability skills, workplace know-how, life skills...

    Non-Technical Skills:

    • are essential to preparation for employment
    • are generic to the kinds of work and work organisation emerging in the range of occupations at entry levels within industry, rather than being occupation- or industry-specific
    • equip individuals to participate effectively in a wide range of social settings, including workplaces and adult life more generally
    • involve the application of knowledge and skill
    • be able to be learned
    • be amenable to credible assessment

    There are many different definitions of Non-Technical skills. However, the various definitions all seem to share six common elements:

    1. Basic/fundamental skills: such as literacy, using numbers, using technology
    2. People-related skills: such as communication, interpersonal, team work, customer service skills
    3. Conceptual/thinking skills: such as collecting and organising information, problem-solving,planning and organising, learning-to-learn skills, thinking innovatively and creatively,systems thinking
    4. Personal skills and attributes: such as being responsible, resourceful, flexible, able to manage one’s own time, having self-esteem
    5. Business skills: such as innovation skills, enterprise skills
    6. Community skills: such as civic or citizenship knowledge and skills.

    Related Terms:

    Competencies, Skills


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