In an era that is characterized by fast paced technological change and growing competition, it is evident that the “world of work” keeps changing at a fast rate. It is also evident that as economic, technological and social developments constantly evolve and diversify, so do the skill requirements in the workplace. For economies to become or stay competitive, it is essential that national TVET leaders are aware of such developments and need the required management and leadership skills to translate their understanding into action to reshape TVET at the national level to cater for the changing skill requirements.

Worldwide, many TVET institutions are struggling to make the necessary changes to stay connected to global developments. A perceived bottleneck in effecting change in TVET institutions relates to the lack of change leaders, and a lack of capacity to develop a vision and implement change. The UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme seeks to address this bottleneck by building the capacity of international TVET experts to become change agents in their institutions and countries. For transformative TVET leaders to be effective, they need to have a clear vision, a sound thematic knowledge-base to support and defend their vision, and the leadership and management skills to drive change.

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The UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme addresses these three key elements – “vision for change”, “knowledge for change”, and “skills for change” – in 8 modules over the course of 10 days. The Programme brings together TVET experts and participants in a highly engaging environment, including practical exercises, intense group work, and the sharing of experiences and case studies. International experts lead the modules and special lectures, explaining the latest developments in policy and practice, and present the latest knowledge in their respective fields. A field trip will allow participants to link theory and practice.

With the goal of moving to action, participants are also requested to engage in proposal development at the institution and regional levels.

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The UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme targets UNEVOC Network members and other TVET institutions. These include: UNEVOC Cluster Coordinators, UNEVOC Centre Coordinators, and representatives of TVET institutions who function as a “change agents” in transforming their institutions.

Candidates should fulfil the following criteria:


At the end of the UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme, the participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.


The application process for the 2016 UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme is already completed.

Upcoming editions of the UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme will be announced on this page. If you have any questions, please contact unevoc.leadership@unesco.org

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