Moderator-driven e-Forum discussion: TVET in post-conflict and post-disaster situations

UNEVOC e-Forum, 16-30 April 2012

With over 2,200 members, the UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum continues to expand. Since the new year over 300 messages have already been exchanged.

The moderator-driven discussions, which were introduced in 2011, seek to promote focused discussions on crucial themes in TVET development and aim to gather valuable input from the e-Forum community. It is our pleasure to announce that the second moderator-driven e-Forum discussion will take place on the e-Forum from 16 to 30 April 2012.

e-Forum_OnlineConference_postconflict2.jpg The topic for this second discussion is TVET in post-conflict and post-disaster situations. Education in emergency situations has been recognized by UNESCO as a flagship programme of Education for All (EFA). Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) can be an effective and necessary tool for providing people with the skills they require to establish non-violent livelihoods and to protect them from exclusion. People with technical and vocational skills have an important role to play in rebuilding an infrastructure damaged by war or disaster, in helping to restore the economic basis of their family and community and to increase their active participation in society.

It is our pleasure to announce that Ms Karina Veal, an expert in the field of TVET in post-conflict and post-disaster situations, will moderate the discussion. The overall focus of Ms Veal's work is on increasing the relevance, quality and efficiency of skills development in both formal and non-formal settings – with a special interest in the challenges faced by countries after conflict or disaster. Her most recent assignment has been to support improvements to TVET in Nepal to aid the re-integration of young ex-Maoist combatants.

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