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Invitation Message Virtual Conference Women and TVET

vcwomen.gif Women and TVET [Edit]

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Dear Colleagues of the UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum,

2011_HelgaFoster_small.jpg Hereby I would like to introduce myself as your moderator and contact partner during the online discussion on “Women and TVET“. As a longtime participant on the UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum myself, I have followed many interesting debates on a wide range of aspects of TVET. I hope now that the upcoming discussion will also trigger your interest and engagement.

While different questions connected with girls/women and TVET have been sporadically raised and discussed on this forum, the general outlook of UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum has been a rather gender-neutral approach to most of the issues raised. Although the subject “Women and TVET“ includes many indications necessary or desirable for TVET in general, the ongoing lower participation of girls and women in TVET feeds the assumption that there are certain barriers which seem to be less difficult for boys and men to overcome.

While some of you will share the view that TVET by its own nature or content, indeed, is neither committed to male nor female, others might see in the present construction of TVET one of the major obstacles for the promotion of women in education and working life.

Behind these two opposing points of view, there are many serious arguments supporting either one of these approaches or pointing to another external reason why TVET does not have the same impact on girls and women as it does on boys and men.

I will want to start off our first round of discussion by asking you about your experience and knowledge about girls and women and TVET by exploring the following statements:

  1. By structure/framework and content, TVET is not only gender-neutral but also open for both genders.
  2. Many of the “typical“, technical vocations being trained are traditionally occupied by males. Others, like in the service and health sectors, are dominated by women. This ongoing situation mainly relates to the intention and wishes of each of the two groups, while TVET is open for all applicants.
  3. TVET, with its specific involvement with the world of work is not, as schools and universities are, able to act as a social agent of change for the benefit of social groups.

Four times during the next ten days I will offer you two selected topics for discussion. I would appreciate very much if you would share your personal experience, your research findings or other knowledge about girls/women and TVET in your professional environment.

I look forward to meeting you next week.


Helga Foster

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