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Online Conference - 5-15 December 2011

The topic for this first moderated discussion on the UNEVOC e-Forum is "Women and TVET”, a highly relevant issue that deserves focused attention, and we hope that this will encourage wider debate and understanding, including the sharing of ongoing practices and the formulation of new ideas in the field of strategy and policy development. During and after the discussion, the comments from participants will be synthesized and summarised into a final synthesis report, which will provide directions for future research and programme work in this field.

2011_HelgaFoster_small.jpg Dr. Helga Foster, an expert in the field of “Women and TVET”, will moderate this first discussion. With over 30 years of experience in the TVET sector, Dr. Foster carried out research for BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Germany) and the Institute for Social Research (Austria), in which she focused on the equal access of women in TVET, and unemployment among unskilled women. She is currently engaged in the field of TVET and skills development, labour markets and gender-mainstreaming in the European Union. Dr. Foster is also a frequent contributor to the e-forum, and she is therefore delighted to be moderating the first pilot discussion on “Women and TVET”.

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